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Can the World Cope with Population Decline?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

By Robert Anthony

Aug 3rd 2023

There is a group of elites throughout the world who believe there are too many people in the world. And they aren’t open at all to being wrong, they entirely with every ounce of their being, believe this delusion. It’s not just “A Talking Point” for some of them. They genuinely believe that there are too many people in the world and that “we” must deal with this “problem”! It’s so hard for the majority of us on earth to grasp the madness of their thinking. Here is an older interview from Ted Turner, arguably the founder of Cable TV, the founder of TNT, TBN, CNN, etc., talking about “Getting the Population Down”:

Ted Turner has been praised by many, he is more or less a hero of the radical progressive-left movement here in the US. He is a strong advocate for “Global Warming”, “Green Energy”, “Population Control” and more of these ridiculous myths, myths have become policy throughout our nation. I have personally met people who worked closely with him founding his networks and have had conversations with them about what it was like to work closely with Mr. Turner. But Ted Turner is only one of an elitist and radical movement, actively at work to diminish the world’s population. Here is Bill Gates on camera talking about ways to reduce the world’s population by at least 15%:

Here is a video that discusses the massive mistake that was China’s “One-Child” policy. From 1980-2015 China limited it's population to only one child, they did so in various ways causing most families to want boys - aborting, adopting or murdering little baby girls. It can not be overstated the damage that was caused by these policies warring against the spirit and soul of the Chinese families. The extent of the damage that was done will only be understood as the years progress:

Most of the numbers these great thinkers of our time are coming up with show that we are actually headed for population decline! It has been pumped into our minds, and throughout the whole world, that we “Have to get our Huge Global Population under control”. And then they start talking about how to reduce it!?

Well, much to the contrary, here is a list of the Top 20 countries currently in population decline:

Dr Nick Eberstadt is a foremost expert on the population demographics and explains in his article, “Can America Cope with Demographic Decline” that the global problem has in fact found it’s way to our United States, and I quote him:

“Over the past decade and more, since the crash of 2008 and the Great Recession, America’s birth trends have taken a fateful turn, veering well below the replacement level.”
"Measured population growth has never been so tiny as it was in 2021. In fact, it has never been so terrible as it has since we were collecting this data as a nation!"

The replacement level is simply, how many children a family must have to replace themselves upon the earth. Naturally, two parents will need two children but the number must be a little higher because of premature death rates. Therefore the replacement level most of these scholars agree on is 2.1 or 2.2 children per family. Eberstadt explains that for the first time in recorded US History the trend is falling well below that replacement line. He argues with his research that we are on track to decline up to 20% per generation in the immediate years to come because our replacement level is currently hovering around 1.6!

Eberstadt explains this phenomenon is not just confined to the western nations: Japan is in the midst of terrible population decline, China and Russia are both in population decline, China is actually at crisis levels. Much of the world has been told the Arab nations are expanding with their population growth but that too is incorrect. The new trends, even within the Arab nations, and throughout the Muslim world is actually that they too are declining. Of the places in the world that are actually gaining population, Africa leads the pack.

I have been studying on the issue. I am far from an expert but most of these scholars agree that the world’s population will peak somewhere around 8-10 Billion. They differ in exactly where that number will end up but they all agree that then the earth will go thru a time of tremendous population decline. How far that number declines is very hard to predict. Many factors weigh in on population: disease, famine, wars, technology, hope, peace, etc. I have enjoyed studying Eberstadt’s work. He explains that a Spiritual Revival would have tremendous effect on a population. Population growth and decline has much to do with hope, joy, peace and other such things of the heart and soul. Also, it was interesting to learn that our most recent population boom was not due to families having more children but actually people living much much longer.

The average life expectancy at the beginning of the 20th Century was around 46 years old, globally. But by the dawn of the 21st century people were living much much longer, expectancy rates as high as 70 or 72 years old! Our lives had changed dramatically throughout the 1900’s, technologies in farming, water, energy, travel and surprisingly peace upon the earth practically doubled life expectancy. We think of wars, and the large numbers of life lost in war but we don’t often compare that with the total world’s population. Comparatively speaking, we lost only a fraction of life throughout the 1900’s to war from what the ancient world was accustomed with and we were birthing more children.

In closing, these who are practically “hell-bent” desiring to exterminate a portion of the global population could not have been more mistaken. These, who tend to be incredibly wealthy, are looking down from their high towers and insulated worlds without knowledge or a real vision for humanity. And now their self-fulfilling prophecies are starting to come to pass. With their desired population decline will come a “New World Order” for certain – and without a real Spiritual Awakening, to mirror what Dr Eberstadt was saying, our children and grandchildren are headed for some difficult times.

There was perhaps no other event recorded in human history that had such profound impacts on a population and society than what was measured after the Great Spiritual Awakenings in Europe and the US. The human spirit revived and nourished by the hand of God brought about tremendous new life and hope at these events throughout recent history. And there is nothing measurable throughout our history that has the power and track record of such profound affects to bless a population as does a True Spiritual Outpouring.

And it is the opinion of this author that there has truly never been a better time for The Great and Worldwide Revival, than right now.

We need our God to revive the hearts, minds, souls and the spirit of the families all throughout the world and we need Him now. I'm continuing in prayer for the Great Outpouring of The Spirit of God to come upon us, our nation and the families of the world – and I'm praying that it would come quickly.


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