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Looks Like the Right is Winning in Israel! (Lets Hope Its a Foreshadowing)

By Robert Anthony

July 24th 2023

Many of us have been watching with great expectation and praying that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will be able to reform the judiciary! The Radical and Progressive left is just as alive in Israel as it is in America and they have been fighting Netanyahu every step of the way, most recently, according to Amir Tsarfati, even attempting a coup! Amir Tsarfati posted,

"The liberal left built this [judicial] fortress and it’s now trying to protect itself at all cost. Even at the cost of destroying the only thing that kept us united - our military. For a few years now the left is recruiting former commanders and officers to give their efforts to topple Netanyahu and his government a flavor of a military uprise. They were sure that this time the government won’t stand the pressure if the stakes are too high and the security of israel is jeopardized. Today, Israel proved to our middle eastern neighborhood that we are not a military junta that lets generals and power-hungry military personal assume the power of a democratically elected government."

To this writer it is abundantly clear that this is what the left in America has been also trying to do, "packing" the Pentagon with far-left leaning executives wherever possible. But I believe this to be a foreshadowing of events yet to come in our United States. In the end, these radical-idealogue's will be found out: 1. They have no actual foundation supporting their agenda, 2. All their plots and plans will erode not only the sovereignty of our nation but also our economy, 3. They are in direct union with the competitors/enemies of our nation and even FUNDED BY THEM!

The "moderates" from both parties still make up the majority of this nation and they see with clear and open-eyes what this radical left agenda has done to our nation: our crime rates soaring, our economy at the brink, WW3 at the brink, millions of illegal aliens roaming thru our country unchecked, the moral collapse of our society and now, perhaps worst of all, they have turned against the most innocent among us, our own children! Like in Israel, the moderates will come thru for these United States! In the same way God rallied for Israel He will rally for us! Continue in prayer, saints, It is working!

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