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Kari Lake May Be The Election Integrity Victory We've Been Waiting For!? (Updated May 11th)

Updated: May 11, 2023

Recent Updates! - May 11th 2024 Brand New Evidence is being presented to the courts showing: 1. Maricopa County new that 260 of their tabulators would fail on election day! 2. Director of Elections Scott Jarrett gave FALSE TESTIMONY at trial concerning the BOD printers failures that caused the tabulators to malfunction, AND MORE! Read this very thorough article going over the Great News for Kari and our movement!

Originally Published - May 4th

The fact that Mrs Lake has gotten as far as she had makes her plight the most exciting in the history of our Election Integrity movement. No court, state government or federal government has wanted to actually look at the hard evidence until now!! This is huge!!

The question that remains is, When will Congress get involved? And where is the GOP at large on this issue? How many GOP Governors, SOS's, AG's, are all throughout the nation and yet? Where are they on the issue!! Read this article we posted and share it with any state rep's, state Senators or state level officials you may know. This is what our movement at large is really demanding of our elected officials - Read: "Will Republicans Lead America into a New Golden Age?"

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