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Will The Republicans Lead America into a New Golden Age?

The 1893 Chicago World's Fair, a Golden Age for America

By AR Press Staff

April 19th 2023

Some Good News for everyone who still believes in the traditional family, “God creating us, man and woman”, the US Constitution, the rule of law, a strong US economy and an America First agenda. The House Republicans are started to get some traction, this was tweeted out two days ago:

For the Republican Majority House, We at American Revival Press would like to, with the utmost emphasis, encourage the House to enact the following:

  1. Audit our Elections: A Formal Investigation into the 2020 Presidential Election. We personally have receipts in the state of Michigan from showing more than 100,000 missing Trump votes from the Secretary of States voting records, which we FOIA’d. Furthermore we have receipts of hundreds of thousands of In-Person votes being manipulated somehow, switched into In-Person votes. We know several groups around the nation who have similar evidence and would be happy to make a formal presentation to Congress with what their investigations uncovered. If we, average American citizens, can prove this kind of fraud in our election system, how much could Congress prove given that they have much greater access!? Furthermore, 1. Why the election process suppliers will not allow our government access into their software/hardware, 2. Why the voter rolls across the nation are padded with inaccurate voting files and bloated with dead persons, persons who have not lived in their state for upwards of 20 years, etc. 3. Third Party Election suppliers such as ERIC Systems, software/hardware providers and other stake holders who have access to the US Elections (even real time).

  2. Investigate Big Tech: A Formal Investigation into the executive’s actions at Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and other Big Tech / Social Media Platforms who were actively engaged in manipulating the 2020 Election, cancelling accounts and suppressing the freedom of speech (especially during Covid) in their platforms with the express purpose of Election interference.

  3. Investigate our Intelligence Agencies: A Formal Investigation into the actions surrounding the Ukraine and Russia lies which led to the House Impeachment of President Donald Trump: the Steel Dossier, the Clinton Campaign’s role in spreading these lies against a sitting President, etc.

  4. Investigate Biden Families current and past activities with Adversary Nations: A Formal Investigation into the Biden family and their business dealings with US foreign adversaries and competitors: primarily China.

  5. Investigate Former Trump Officials: A Formal Investigation into the people who were apart of the Trump Administration and refused to investigate the 2020 elections fraud: Bill Barr, others at the DOJ, the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

  6. Report on our Supply Lines: Covid revealed the massive gaps in our supply lines. If our adversary nations are intent on turning to a war footing which Russia and China clearly are, diligence requires that we start to close any and all gaps within our supply chains understanding we might have to sever ties with China entirely in the years ahead.

  7. Removing the Millions of Illegal Migrants: Finally, the House must create a plan for removing the millions of illegal migrants who have crossed our border during the Biden administration. Even if the President is unwilling to sign such a bill into law, the bill would act as “Serving Notice” and would be in place for when the time comes that it can be implemented and the bill could be a template for which the state governments can then implement.

Even if these investigations do not lead to arrests and/or changes immediately, these investigations must go on the record – the American people deserve to hear the truth of what happened during that fraudulent 2020 election – the state governments, local governments, etc. must be made aware of the inadequacies within our election system. The House must start working towards a solution to remove or receive the millions of illegal migrants wandering around our nation, looking for homes, work, etc.

The GOP-ran House would become leadership to the state, county and local governments if they decide to expose the corruption that has taken place, undermining American sovereignty, throughout especially the Covid-era and the Biden Administration.

For the State Governments, American Revival Press strongly urges the following legislation, executive orders and/or policies to be enacted:

  1. Deploy your State Guard immediately to the southern border for policing and to refuse illegal entry.

  2. Direct your State Law Enforcement to imprison/hold illegal migrants if the federal government is unwilling to deport them. Release them (by plane) if they are willing to return to their country of origin or hold them in paid work camps until such a time as a lawful solution is agreed upon with the federal government.

  3. Audit your election systems. Audit the entire process of the election system, Audit everyone who has access to the data, Audit all software and hardware. AR Press strongly urges you to consider paper ballots, hand counting the votes at local Precincts (of no more than 3,000 voters) on election day.

  4. Write a full report on your state economies supply lines and energy production. With so many of the problems that have arisen from Covid, with the radical policies the past several years Administration, AR Press strongly urges every state to conduct a full audit and report of their supply lines, including energy production/consumption.

  5. Audit China’s foothold in your state. With the discovery of Chinese police stations throughout the US, understanding now that China has been actively engaged in espionage activities and undermining US Sovereignty with the purchase of lands, business and more – it is immediately necessary to understand our (Chinese) competitor’s infiltration throughout our nation. This Administration and Senate will not engage in such common-sense practices so it is up to the State and Local Governments to safeguard their citizens immediately.

The State Governments have the budgets, manpower, police force, military (State Guard) and ample ability to protect their own sovereignty and in doing so will help to protect the sovereignty of the nation even if the federal government is unwilling to do so.

Our Constitution was written in such a way to empower the states and their local municipalities with the express right to protect their own citizens without the federal government’s approval or support. AR Press is calling on State Representatives, State Senators, Governors, Attorney General’s, Secretary of States and others who are paid wages to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and their own State Governments constitutions, rather than waiting for the federal government to act – Protect and Defend the citizens of your state and the United States of America.

The most pivotal Presidential Election of this generation is coming quickly. “Every Vote” does “Count”! Every legal and legitimate vote should count and every criminal and illegal vote should not count and those perpetrators of those crimes must not go unpunished – or we will lose our Republic forever. Governors have tremendous power to lead their people, arguably more power over the lives of their citizens than does the President in the White House. If the state governments would lead, America could be saved.

For the Governors, we at AR Press strongly encourage the following actions:

  1. ELECTION INTEGRITY: Do not be fooled or strong-armed into surrender. Our election data is easy to manipulate and the tracks of those perpetrators are easy to hide. Governors do not have the IT background to adequately investigate for themselves the security of their elections. You must allow your citizens to Audit Their Own Votes! Paper Ballots, counted at Local Precincts (no more than 3000 voters per precinct), enable the American people to know their vote counted and counted for the candidate they actually voted for.

  2. BORDERS: Your state Sovereignty is in Your hands! The federal government should also be involved protecting our sovereignty with the military and perhaps other agencies but the sovereignty of your state rests in the power of your action or inaction.

  3. ECONOMY: Wall Street, Corporate Titans, International Conglomerates and Banks, Competitor Nations all must held accountable by the authority of the states. Has the SEC given a report on all that China and our other competitor nations have infiltrated? The state governments have tremendous power afforded to them by the US Constitution to hold accountable every business, even if it is an empire, operating within their state. Are we going to allow Genetically Modified sciences to completely destroy our food supply and generations? But there is even more! It’s time for the state governments to know who is operating within their states and what they are doing to our nation.

  4. DRUG EPIDEMIC: Fentanyl and other synthetic and powerful drugs are being poured into our nation across our open border. Your state government has powers afforded to them by the US Constitution to declare a kind of war on these illicit drugs and the traffickers and dealers enabling their distribution.

  5. ENERGY:The lies being perpetuated daily by so many within our academic and finance communities must be put to an end. The batteries are a terrible technology and not a solution to build our power grids. Solar panels work reasonably in regions with ample sunlight, water power works well in places with an abundant supply and wind is not a sustainable technology right now. Unlock American energy and ignore the loud and lying voices of the radical progressive politics throughout our nation. Beyond coal, natural gas, etc. we have other technologies that could be built out immediately, providing an abundance of clean energy, sustainably!

  6. AGRICULTURE: Listen to your farmers. Big Ag has been destroying our world uninhibited for decades! Investigate, publicly, show your findings and do not allow the lies anymore to the American people. We are in urgent jeopardy of completely destroying our most fundamental foods, all in the name of profits.

  7. HEALTH: Allow Natural Health to thrive in your state. Big Pharma has had ample time to prove to the world that they do not care about human life. We need hospitals for some surgeries, emergencies procedures, etc. But for preventative care, internal medicine, mental health, cancer and heart treatments, natural health industry has been found time and again to provide much better solutions than the Big Pharma hospitals. We must totally overhaul our medical system. States must figure out a brand-new approach to Healthcare and Pass Laws against W.H.O. immediately. Serve Notice that you will not allow your sovereignty to be breached.

Your citizenry is behind you for change like never before, Governor. We are more aware then ever of the brokenness of our nation, our states and our local municipalities. We are demanding leadership from those we have elected. Only the Big Money interests who have been leading our nation for arguably three generations will fight against you but to the majority of your state, you will become a hero!

This is your moment to shine, Governor! Build your team of expert-pioneers and pure-hearted, humanity-loving leadership and make something beautiful out of America – even in your state! The time has never been better to enact change. The time has never been more perfect for rapid and bold change, leading the American people into a new Golden-era of these United States! You, our Governors, can do it and save the Republic! DC will eventually follow your lead when they see your (political) victories but you must first lead!

Many of us are behind you. Prayerfully,

American Revival Press.

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