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By Jason Ickes Aug 6th 2023

While trying not to sound like an alarmist, I found it only disingenuous. In the morning just before 8 A.M. on Sunday December 7th 1941 the United States was rocked by an Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service strike on Pearl Harbor. Whether you believe we had fair warning or not more than 2000 service members died that day. It was almost 2 weeks prior on 26 November 1941 that the Japanese Navy left Japan. The movement was a response to the U.S.’s decision not to lift economic sanctions on Japan. Namely an oil embargo that was devastating Japanese ability to sustain it’s conquest of China. It’s important to note that two factions inside China were in civil war the KMT nationalist led by Chiang Kai-shek and the CCP led by Mao.

Fast forward to a book published in 1999 "Unrestricted Warfare" written by two CCP military officers, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. Of note, the book represents the views of the authors and not necessarily the official position of the Chinese government. The Chinese military officers propose that warfare is no longer limited to conventional battles between military forces but can encompass diverse strategies, including: terrorism, economic warfare, cyber attacks, propaganda, psychological operations, and more. The concept suggests that the traditional boundaries of warfare have expanded and non-military means can be used to achieve strategic objectives. “Unrestricted Warfare” argues for the use of a wide range of unconventional tactics that exploit the vulnerabilities of an adversary across various domains, such as politics, economics, culture, and information.

According to the book, nation-states should adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach to warfare, utilizing all available resources and means to weaken and defeat adversaries. The authors argue that these methods can be employed by weaker powers against stronger opponents, allowing them to exploit vulnerabilities and asymmetries. Most of these types of tactics would typically fall under “covert-operations” which these two Chinese military officers detail in their book allowing us a look into the minds of China’s military officer core. Knowing China is behind in technology, finances, and culture these tactics are exactly the desirable strategy one would favor in usurping the sole world super-power, namely, the United States of America.

Two decades have now passed and we can see the rapid ascension of China to the world stage as the primary contender to the United States global power. Russia takes a clear back seat as the war in Ukraine proves their military might was less than our military industrial complex desired us to believe. Now the United States, hamstrung by China’s dominance in the rare earth mining and refining sectors, is incapable of waging a prolonged war disregarding the depletion of munitions stocks shipped to and stolen from Ukraine. Xi has essentially vassal'ized Putin’s Russia which is incapable of sustaining itself during wartime without Ukraine’s resources and industrial capacity. China’s ability to process international banking transactions and to support international supply chains for Russia’s materials-strapped war-machine means Putin is desperately attached to Xi.

How did we get here? How did our intelligence community fail to see what was happening? We need only look at the agency responsible for defending the home front, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice. How? The breach often referred to as the "OPM data breach" or "OPM security clearance breach." It's considered one of the largest cybersecurity incidents in U.S. government history. The breach involved two separate incidents, both of which were discovered in 2015:

  1. Background Investigation Records: In April 2015, it was revealed that the OPM had experienced a data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of current and former U.S. government employees. This breach exposed sensitive background investigation records, which included information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, financial history, and other personal details of federal employees and contractors.

  2. Security Clearance Information: In June 2015, a second breach was reported, which affected the security clearance database of the OPM. This database contained highly sensitive information about individuals who had applied for or held security clearances, including those with access to classified information. The breach exposed information about employees' criminal histories, past drug use, personal relationships, and potentially compromising behavior.

Looking back we see former NSA contractor Edward Snowden landing in Hong Kong a year prior to the suspected initial breach of OPM. Fast forward a year after the data breach and we have the alleged 2016 election Russian hacking. What we can infer is that it seems the U.S. national security apparatus has been compromised internally through cyber means at the very least. Recent policy implementation favorable to communism and in direct line with these two Chinese military officers book on “unrestricted warfare”, also suggest members of the state, federal and military have also been compromised. In addition to the discovery of a CCP-backed unlicensed bio-lab in California a logical conclusion to be drawn is that our nation has succumb to China’s Unrestricted War on the U.S.

In order to defeat this threat it is necessary for We The People to educate ourselves on what is happening in our local communities and who is administering our bureaucracy. One resource that might prove useful is Boone Cutler and General Michael Flynn’s book “The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare”, get involved in your local politics either directly through becoming a precinct delegate or by volunteering with non-profits focused on educating and training people on the civil process, pay attention to your local news and attend county commissioners meetings, etc. Evil only prevails when good people do nothing. Help stave off World War III from becoming a hot war by staying alert and defending the home front against subversion including in our elections by participating. Vote, work a polling site, and educate yourself on the candidates. Future generations are depending on you!

(Jason Ickes is the Director of Election Integrity at The American Project, Before this, he was a Green Beret for more than a decade and a committed and faithful Patriot.)

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07 Αυγ 2023

Very well written and something ever free person should understand. Thank you for bringing attention to this current threat!

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