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Israel: "The Tip of the (Western) Spear"

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

West meets east a very few hot-spots on the map. Japan and Taiwan would both be a couple of those places. China has long been the adversary of Japan and they of course want to regain total control of Taiwan, by force. One could say Australia is on the front lines, although comparatively they are far removed from adversaries like China, they even have Indonesia as a buffer between them. In Europe, Ukraine is without a doubt on the front lines now. But it wasn’t always this way. Let me repeat, Ukraine is only now on the front lines of the west meets east struggle because we, The West, just pushed Russia and China together. Having said that, there is no Western Nation, Western Ally, a proven and trusted nation who is supporting democracy and fighting for human rights more on the front lines than Israel.

If you have watched the Lord of the Rings series, we might as well call the Middle-East, Middle-Earth, because that is what it is. All nations, continents, politics, etc. converge in the middle east - the politics surrounding energy alone force all eyes and ears upon what Middle-Earth is doing and saying. Again, here I am saying the quiet part out loud. And in Middle-Earth there is only one nation who has been fighting for our way of life for decades, for 80+ years since it’s conception, that is of course Israel.

Do the globalists want to wash their hands of Israel? To me, this is The Question in geopolitics right now. If you listen to what these WEF, George Soros, Global Elite, Business and Industry Titans are saying, it is not “Thank you Israel for all that you have done, holding the line for us these 75+ years!” Quite the contrary. It can not be overstated the foolishness and betrayal that is happening right now at the hands of these global power-brokers. Our own President is not necessarily speaking out against Israel but with his inaction and refusal to condemn many offenses he is emboldening the enemies of Israel, who are also the enemies of the west, at large. And now, did we just lose Saudi Arabia as our ally!? “God, I hope not! Lord, You have to help Israel! I’m afraid the nations are turning their backs on them worse than ever before!”

One could say, the West at large never really wanted an independent, Jewish-Israel in the first place. The United Kingdom was less than forth-right in their dealings with the Jews of Europe leading into the 20th century and then after WW2 the UK worked adamantly against the Jews returning to their homeland! Why!? They literally had nowhere to go! The United States would receive them but there were millions of displaced Jews after the holocaust. MILLIONS! How heartless could England be to these hurting and devastated people? I guess they held a grudge? Much of the 20th Century was a dark time for English politics and their global leadership. And Israel together with India paid a price for England’s frustrations, while they lost much of their global power throughout these years.

But then Israel quickly emerged as an ally! The people of Israel wanted the freedoms that they saw in the American Constitution and the other nations of the west. They fought for democracy and the rule of law, the very best of the west’s ideology and they paid for it in blood. The 1948 Arab-Israel war, constant fighting with the Palestinians, the 6-day War of 1967, wherein Israel won back Jerusalem, their Capitol city, the Yom Kippur War of 1973, in the late 70’s and early 80’s the Lebanon/PLO wars and fighting literally countless other insurgencies and groups of terrorist organizations within their own borders since its inception! Israel has more than paid for their right to be included in western culture and then some.

Let me repeat, I do not see that the globalists ever supported Israel. Throughout my life I have heard antisemitic remarks tying the nation of Israel together with a group of International Bankers who rule the world. I am well studied up on the formulation of the Federal Reserve and the small group of men running our Western Banking establishment. Let me repeat, most of these globalists (several of whom are of Jewish ancestry) have simply never supported Israel, ever. Study for yourselves about the miraculous victories Israel won against armies sometimes triple their size! And where was this “Global Banking Cartel” in cahoots with the Jews, then? If there is some concerted-Israeli/Jewish conspiracy secretly running the world, why is Israel so often abandoned in their hour of need?

I have personally met many Jews throughout California and New York who openly refer to themselves as, “Non-Zionist Jews”. And many of them wear this badge proudly and even begin conversations this way to find out where your politics are on the subject. If there is some global conspiracy of Israeli-Jews running the world from the shadows, they have the oddest love-hate relationship with their own people I have ever seen!! No. That is not reality. Reality is exactly what the Bible prophesied would happen: God would return His people to their land in the last days and then all the nations would turn against them. When the nations turn against Israel it would bring about wars that would eventually lead to what is commonly known as Armageddon, the very last war on earth wherein all the nations will surround Israel, to wipe them off the map – but Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, will come out of heaven and save them with His army!

I’m writing this paper from a purely geopolitical perspective. I'm purposefully leaving out so much of what I want to say pertaining to Biblical prophecy and my personal affection for God’s chosen people. But now let me conclude by saying:

To the Western Nations of the World, look again to Israel but this time with reasoning and a sound mind. There is no nation on earth that has been fighting for our western way of life for the past eighty years who can possibly compare with what Israel has done for us! most of your European leaders live in a dreamland. I was thinking that this war in Ukraine might wake them up to reality but no, it’s only solidified their delusion and hardened their heart, worse than before! How can they be so cavalier and nonchalant, content to bring the whole world back into war? It boggles the mind trying to understand these men and the way they choose to lead their nations and the world at large. Israel should be rewarded for all that they have done for the west these 75+ years. But instead of a reward they are getting the silent treatment, abandoned and betrayed. This too will serve as a witness against you.

To Israel I want to say, as an American whose entire family is from Europe, I am so sorry that you have been treated this way. You did nothing wrong to deserve your treatment when you started returning to your land in the late 1800’s, you did nothing wrong when you entered into agreements with the English that were broken without a cause, you did nothing to deserve your treatment throughout WW2, you did not deserve the Holocaust, that was not any form of justice, you did not deserve the nations to ignore you when Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. came against you (several times) and you do not deserve this silent-treatment now. I want to say, “Thank you for holding the line for us. Thank you for being that Tip of the Spear for the west and holding our enemies at bay. Thank you for striving so hard to retain your democracy and the freedoms you provide for your people, and for us who come and visit you. Thank you for everything you have done, for all the wars you have fought, for providing a home for so many hurting people after WW2. Thank you for being so perfect at holding back your power and force! You could have done so many things to set off a global conflict, even with your nuclear arsenal but restrained yourself. Thank you. Not that any of this is enough but I at least wanted to say something publicly to acknowledge how important you are to us, whether they realize it or not - many of us do!”

Many of us are praying for the Peace of Jerusalem And that God would turn the hearts of your neighbors And give you favor even with your enemies!

God hears our prayers. We won’t stop praying Many of us in America support you And we will continue to plead your case, even to Washington DC

Shalom Aleikhem.

With Love and Affection,

Robert Anthony

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