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Do “They” Know what “They” are Doing? (We Must Win 2024)

By Robert Anthony

January 31st 2024


I’m very grateful to MI Rep. Steve Carra for inviting me into his world and later to those meetings, drafting the bill to audit the 2020 Michigan Presidential Election.  I learned so much and quickly, it was my first real experience in activism and politics.


Jesus once said, “Do as they say but don’t do as they do,” (Matthew 23:3) referring to the Pharisees, those (religious) rulers of the Jews in His time.  I would say this applies to much if not all of conservative-politics in America.  What they say is wonderful!  We could print up T-Shirts and bumper stickers, trademarking and making millions on their catchy slogans and one-liners!  But again, do as they say but not as they do.


I walked out of that first meeting drafting the audit bill with Rep. Carra to hear Ex-State Senator Pat Colbeck start ripping into the bill, tearing it apart and rattling off all the reasons why it will never go anywhere.  I was shocked to say the least.  In the meeting Colbeck was 100% on the team.  Making wonderful remarks and adding so much value to the conversation.  Within seconds of leaving the meeting he was destroying all our hope and enthusiasm for what we were all working so diligently to accomplish.  And I called him out on it.


“Thank You Pat Colbeck”.  In a close to three-hour conversation with him as he was traveling to Northern Michigan, I learned so much about American politics. And it’s as if “they” have all attended the same brainwashing school of deception, coercion and misdirection.  And “they” are so very good at it.  Rep. Carra was never going to stand up to this bully and Colbeck knew it!  Carra was about to launch his campaign for Congress and he needed Colbeck’s support (or at a minimum Colbeck not as an enemy).  Bullies have always bothered me.

You want to know why we are losing this nation?  It isn’t merely broken-elections.  It isn’t merely the corruption from the Obama/Biden Administration, the DOJ, the FBI, etc.  We aren’t losing this nation merely because all our politicians are bought and paid for… We are losing this nation because America has all but lost its heart and soul.  There is no love left and where there is no love there is no light, no truth and no honor – and but little left (only a remnant) truly worth saving.



When you get into politics in today’s America you have to agree to certain (unspoken) rules – someone or some group becomes your boss(es) and they at first gently start to dictate what you can and can not say – and then more directly, telling you what you can and can not fight for.  For instance, everyone knows the Supreme Court will not rule against the machines.  Let me repeat this for effect, THE SUPREME COURT WILL NOT RULE AGAINST THE MACHINES.  “But Robert, how can you say that!?”  …because I am a good listener.


I have quickly been brought back up to speed on much of civics from these same deceptive-publicans fighting to control the narrative.  “The Supreme Court is not the law-maker” and I have heard it loud and clear for the past three years.  And yet, everyone still talks about the Supreme Court as if some saving grace!?  How many cases have “we” as a movement tried to bring before the Supreme Court regarding the stolen 2020 election?  Maybe more than a dozen?  Mike Lindell, for example, I know was talking about it for more than 18 months, his case(s) going to change everything (9-0!). 

But the Supreme Court has the easiest out, the easiest way to wash their hands of all of this.  Do you know what it is?  Very few laws on the books about our election systems and even less about those machines.


This Supreme Court is master-class in the art of passing the buck.  With their Roe v. Wade decision, they could have easily ruled against the murder of unborn children.  It’s right there in the preamble of the US Constitution, “We the people of the United States…” and then “Establish Justice”.  Real People are in those wombs that are being slaughtered, who are finding no justice for their right to live

But again, in the Declaration of Independence even more boldly, in its Introduction and Preamble, talking about Laws of Nature and Nature’s God… here is a law of nature for you, Supreme Court, if someone doesn’t extinguish that embryo in that woman’s womb, a baby will be born 99+% of the time! 


The Declaration continues even stronger, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LIFE…”  

Our Court most Supreme in the land literally washed their hands of saving the unborn and passed the buck to the states!?  And if this Supreme Court is so concerned about state’s rights, why didn’t they back Texas last week when Texas was guarding their citizenry from an unruly Executive-Federal Branch, who is laboring to destroy our nation!?  That situation can be surmised, States-Rights too, SC.

But we actually believe this Court is going to take up a case about those machines, without much precedent and make a ruling so bold, against the powers that be, and risk it all!?  Do I hope they do…?  Absolutely.  But they have already rejected all our cases thus far on grounds of standing mostly.  And Why?  BECAUSE CONGRESS IS THE LAWMAKER!

Congress is the Law-maker.


Which brings me to perhaps my number one point in the article,



Maybe it would help if I rattle off a list of all the conservative-Christians running this Congress to add some emphasis?  “Congressmen, none of us are against you personally, we all understand the intensity of the hour and how much pressure you all must be under (especially those of you who genuinely care). We just hope you leave behind your nonchalant-apathy and actually start to fight for us!?”


Congress makes law.  You want a ruling (Mr Lindell) against the machines, Go To Congress!  We want laws on the books completely overhauling our election system?  Congress would write such a law.  We want laws protecting our unborn children?  That’s Congress also.  We want laws shutting down our border?  Congress.  We want to go after the criminals who stole the White House from us in 2020? Congress has the power to pass laws and get this done!  Not the Supreme Court.  I have learned well from these politicians, it’s basically Civics 101.


So why all the theater!?  “Let’s go to the Supreme Court!” they practically shout it from the rooftops!  Again, could I be wrong and not “trusting the plan” as the Q-folks rehearse over and again like a mantra?  Yes. I could be wrong.  And wouldn’t that be WONDERFUL!!  I would WELCOME the correction and humbling.  The problem is, I have so much ammunition against such a hypothesis.  And the years continue to tick on by… YEARS!


You see, no one will speak the truth.  This is fundamental.  And I have learned this too from these politicians over the past three years.  Remember “Do as they say but not as they do.” There is no money in lobbying Congress to act on our behalf.  There is almost no way to fundraise for something like that. One could however raise an untold fortune hiring lawyers and filing lawsuits nationwide, “on the behalf of the American people”.  And whether or not those lawsuits go anywhere is, as they say, a moot-point – because – the spectacle of the whole thing could be enough to placate the people, pacify them and maybe even keep them in line, especially if we continually remind the crowd that “they” are all against us and continually keep stoking those fears.


Welcome to politics in today’s declining United’ish States of America.



Personally, I am seriously considering throwing in the towel and pushing all my chips in on Jesus.  Now I will say that the Lord very obviously got me into politics in the first place.  I might do a show sometime to tell my story?  It would be too long to write out.  In short, did I ever imagine President Trump’s own movement (throughout Michigan and beyond) refusing to support my work to restore him to the White House?  and worse, publicly striving to ruining everything I was doing!?  Never.  I was mentally prepared to handle the attacks of the Democrats and old-guard Republicans even but to be continually shut down and then pursued by many within our own movement!?  That, I was not prepared for.


I will take to the grave so much of the dirt I have on this movement.  But let me be very clear, the people, us everyday citizens fighting for the nation out of the goodness of our hearts, our love for our fellow man and our devotion to God and the all things of salvation – the American people are still worth fighting for!  And I intend to.  I just don’t know what to do next.

I have been praying and praying.  For a time, it was a little all-consuming and I had to lay it down some.  I was working on these things often 12-15 hours a day, my health was failing and I gained something like 65-70 lbs.!  I was drinking way too much coffee and eating junk, often on the road and pouring everything I had into saving Michigan and our nation!  I had to return to my priorities and take care of my family. 

Now, looking towards Nov. 2024, I simply don’t see a path (right now) to taking back the White House.  I have written on this much already.  But I have plans and ideas that would greatly increase our chances!  And let me say I would gladly hand off these plans to any of the big-guys in our movement and let them run with it (if they would convince me that they are genuine in their pursuit)!  And I have tried to do so over the past couple years.


But, What on earth is going on in our nation!? It's so confusing. How do we save it from this rapid decline and implosion?  Perhaps it’s time for me to return to the things of God and throw in the towel, thinking any politics might save the country.  Perhaps God put me into politics to show me clearly that politics will never solve this problem?  I’m very open to that.


But any judgment I have stops at the Christian-leadership, especially those in DC. 


I have had so many personal experiences with so many of them and I’m always left grieving.  They say all these wonderful and powerful and truthful things in their speeches and back them up without action.  They know what is right and often talk about it but do not do anything to change the status quo. 

They “love their honor and respect in the marketplaces” more than anything; they “like white-washed tombs” are beautiful on the outside but on the inside are “dead men’s bones”; they “bind us with burdens” too heavy to be carried, burdens that they themselves will never carry; they flatter, maneuver, manipulate and plot insomuch to always remain in power.  (Matthew 23) I just described a large percentage of the Christians in power throughout our nation, and especially those in DC. 


We really must pray for them – they truly need a revival!

And An American Revival!



In Closing – Congress must Act!  And Act Immediately!


They have the power to open up the books: look into 2020, look into what happened that fateful day on January 6th, audit our election system, remove the machines and save our Republic (re-election be damned!)

I would like to remind the Christians in Congress and throughout the government, “We will all stand before God.  Every single soul on earth will come before Him.  And those books will be opened.  We will all receive a judgment: whether or not we were Christ’s in truth (Matthew 7:21-23), what actually was hidden in our hearts, what we did will be judged, Period.  And we will not argue or debate it standing before Him, His Thone and His Truth.  All will be exposed and made known by the power of His Light and Goodness.

”To Congress especially, I write, “This is your moment to shine like never before!  Hero’s (plural) can be born in this hour!  Some of the greatest stories in American history could be written this year, if a few of you will “love not your lives” and bet it all on JESUS! and His Salvation.  Do you want to be remembered as a coward and professional-publican for all of history?  Or do you want to be known as one of those who laid down their lives at God’s holy altar of Salvation for the people!?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to run up to Jesus when we finally stand before Him face-to-face without shame, knowing we give it our all, withholding nothing!”

“Congressmen, Goliath is much more frail than you realize.  He is an easy target, way overly confident and he probably drank way too much last night!  God will supernaturally direct our stone to his forehead.  The fear is just loud and distracting.  The fact is, we fear all the wrong things." 

“Fear not those who can take your life and then after that have no power over you but fear the One who after taking your life can cast your soul into hellfire.” (Matthew 10:28)”


“This is a final hour for us.  We can never again return to 2024 and do it all differently.  I pray this message pricks your hearts, encourages your faith and provokes you to good works!  Go and war for your people… the people of whom God entrusted in your care.”


“I am praying for you Congressmen.” Let’s all devote time this week to praying for our men and women who hold such a lofty position, and have such responsibility.  We all must be praying for them immediately.  And pray for the Governors.


Time is of the essence,

More to come,















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