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Predictions and our Unequivocal Endorsement for The President (elected in 2020): Donald J. Trump!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

By Robert Anthony Nov 20th 2023

Are we witnessing the carefully controlled demise of the United States of America? Often it feels like no one is actually concerned for the nation. I believe President Trump and many of the men/women around him are concerned.. But where is the rest of the GOP!?

I’d really like to know who isn’t our enemy at this point in time? We have the George Soros-WEF Globalists in Europe who see our American Republic as an irritation in their plans for world dominance, entire world-religions find us a bother, the Pope just fired one of our most beloved Bishops who opposed his radical agenda, China would love for us to be made nothing more than their most favored vassal-state, Russia will never let go of the grudge held against us from collapsing their beloved USSR, Brazil just went with the Globalists electing their radical left progressive Lula. Watching Australia, Canada and New Zealand during Covid, it seems those “western” nations joined up with the globalist-cabal, Iran and much of the Middle East would love to see America’s demise… So, who is left? And where on earth is the Republican party!? Who remains that will stand with the "Good 'ol US of A"!? I should say, other than Israel and a small group of people around the President, a remnant of Christians and a remnant within the GOP, who will stand by her side!?

I fear the nations are watching these radical progressive policies take control of our USA and they have decided the time has come to find a new hegemony to lead the world. Remember India and China, whose populations combined make up almost half of the world’s population, hold to rather “conservative” and “old-fashioned” cultural and traditional values as a society. Russia, Iran and Turkey too, in fact most of the Middle East cannot stomach our progressive Pro-LGBTQ stance, our radical views about the family and the redefining of marriage. Add in Nigeria, Indonesia, South Africa, Pakistan and most of Africa and what is left is only Europe, Australia, New Zealand and some of Central and South America that are able to follow our radical policies into the abandonment of traditional family values and long held societal-moral norms. Whatever is to become of us?

I wonder if President Donald Trump was able to be so successful in his worldwide diplomacy simply because he wasn’t pushing that radical agenda on the nations anymore? I wonder if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un found him to be a breath of fresh air, considering all that President Obama pushed on the world for his eight-year tenure? I wonder if Putin, Xi, Modi, Khamenei, Erdogan, etc. all found Trump to be reasonable and even rational compared with what was America for so long under Clinton, and then Bush and finally Obama…? I fear that we are turning the world against us with our unchecked and arrogant abolition of what 90-something percent of the world lives by: a belief in God, love for the traditional family and a morality that seems to supersede any one world religion: but is alive and rooted somewhere deep within the hearts and souls of men. The west has been hell-bent on the destruction of all things God-given and the these truths deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of man since the beginning of recorded history!

There is some very real evil behind what is happening in our country and this evil is arrogant, fool-hearty, short-sighted and empty – totally and completely devoid of any and all substance. But who is behind this? Who is funding it and why aren’t there more people willing to stand against it? Isn’t that the question!? Where on earth is everyone!? Why aren’t more of the good-guys willing to stand against this evil!? That is the hardest thing for me to understand, this is what I have wrestled with the most, especially over the past three years... Why don't the good people fight for what they believe in...?


We needed many more of the good-guys to make a stand for America over the past three years, on both "sides of the aisle" (there are a few well-intentioned Dem's out there)! We needed many more of the powerful, wealthy and elite rise up and stand against this evil and tyranny – but instead they chose self-preservation and seemingly went into hiding. When they were shutting down the nation, trying to impose mandatory injections with an experimental drug on our free-country… Where was everyone!? Looking back its even more amazing to consider: how many wealthy Christians, Christian businessman and Powerful Christian Politicians do we have in our country? Where were they all when these crazies were using their nation as guinea-pigs - having almost no idea what this vaccine would do to us!? Honestly, it’s hard not to be bitter towards these we have all enabled to grow rich off of our support and purchasing power. Try to think of all the companies started by Christian men/women who made billions off of us and yet seemed to have had zero concern for the nation when our government turned on us in a way never recorded in US History!? Here is a short list: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, JB Hunt, Amway, Chic-Fil-A, Interstate Batteries, In-N-Out, Forever 21, Tyson Foods, Mary Kay, Timberland, Alaska Airlines, Marriott Hotels, JetBlue, etc. all publicly proclaim to be Jesus Christ-believing companies. The list would be far too long if I was to make mention of every politician who got elected proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as their “Lord” and “Savior”. Trust me, we are talking about thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of politicians who were elected to “protect and defend the constitution” – they placed their hands on that Bible and swore to God that they would uphold this oath!? And then the government went after their own people! And where were they!? The active-duty military seemed to have gotten the worst of it… if you didn’t fall in line, you were forced out and often with your retirement being revoked! And who stood against it!? Where were all these powerful and well-positioned Christians while the US Government LOST THEIR MINDS!?

Then they stole the nation from us. 2020 we elected a different man than the one sitting in the White House right now. And yet are we as a nation powerless to remedy this?? The whole of the Republican Party just stood by and watched, almost in silence, as their nation was taken from them by force! And yet, somehow we believe we have a chance in electing President Trump in 2024? Do we really believe that they are simply going to hand over the nation in 2025, back to the American people!? I hope we are not living in a fantasy land!? These are the states we have lost entirely to the progressive regime: Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado and mostly Wisconsin. We have to win at least half of those afore-mentioned states if we want to return President Trump to the White House, and we can not lose a single Red-state. Seems nearly impossible.

My prediction, barring a miracle, is that they will stick with Biden as their candidate, they will find it too cumbersome and inconvenient to “change horses midstream” and they will give Biden and his regime another eight years to have their way with America and the world – perhaps hoping to take the whole world down, and into World War 3. It will be quite the show! It will seem like a real “nail-biter” even moreso than 2020 but in the end, there is no way they are going to give the nation and world-power back to President Trump. Say it with me, “They steal Elections”! Until we solve this problem, we have no path back to the White House, they will choose who runs the United States for decades to come because the people with the power to make changes have done little to nothing. But it will all seem so Democratic and fair – they will even rally us all to vote! Even the Republicans will convince us all to "Get out and vote"! But in this new-technology era this is how it works, “He who controls the data, controls the world.”


They want World War 3. They are not about to turn the world over to China, Russia and their fellows. This war in Israel seems like it might come to a conclusion faster than anyone expected, but... While Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthi’s in Yemen, etc. all seem to be backing down, this is not over. Yes, Hamas terrorists are surrendering by the hundreds a day! But this pjhase of the conflict is only just beginning (read the book of Daniel in the Bible)! The worst thing this conflict has done is bring together old enemies of Israel, enemies who had been near silent for decades, enemies like Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

The war in Ukraine still has no end in sight. Even though Russia is losing thousands of troops sometimes daily, they continue to draft more and throw them to the front lines! (Much video has emerged of Russia shooting their own troops who try to leave the battlefield!) Right now the war seems to be at a stalemate but neither side of the conflict is going to back down, at least not in the near future.

But the attack on Israel by the terrorists of Hamas has caused a divided world to divide even further! What should be easy for rational people/nations to condemn, these atrocities, these horrors the world hasn't seen since the holocaust, should be easy to unite against... but No. The world has lost its mind! Especially the "United" nations... Im literally ashamed of them. Why we, as a nation, haven't condemned them publicly goes to show just how far we have fallen from God's grace. This east-verses-west show down seems to be inching closer by the day. The Iranian-proxy attacks on US troops stationed in Syria and Iraq have not gone unnoticed. Perhaps the new axis-nations are not quite ready to engage in full-conventional warfare against the allies in 2023 but remember, an election is coming! This regime ruling the White House has plenty of good reasons to provoke the world into full-scale, global warfare.

And it will be during this time of great turmoil and upheaval that a real move of God will finally come to the earth! It will take seeing the end of all things with our own eyes, up close and personal but then the nation will finally start turning back towards God, who came and revealed Himself for us all to behold. It will take what seems like driving off the threshold but then the miracle will happen, God will remember His promises and open the windows of heaven and pour out The Blessing on everyone who would receive Him! But as of this moment in time, it seems like we are going to have to lose another Presidential Election in order for us to get there… unfortunately… This is what I see unfolding… and Why? Because at this point in time, if the “Christians” won’t do what’s needed to save the nation, who will!? The blame certainly points to the "Good Men" who do nothing.

A new Christianity must emerge. And I believe it will. Even if out of the ashes.

I have honestly grieved enough for this country. And I trust God and His plan.

I’m hoping for a miracle of course but I'm totally content with whatever the outcome…

He will get us thru this mess. This nation was never our end-game. This nation was never our home… we were always just passing thru this place… we have always been eternal-souls having a momentary, temporal-experience… on our way back to eternity!

So trust in your God, fellow believers!

He has it all planned out. We have nothing to fear. Remember, this was always History (His-story)!

And it’s going to get amazing here at the end – The best stories are about to be written!

Maybe they will our stories!? Be Blessed Brothers and Sisters, God is our Father! And He loves us! More to come.. - Robert

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