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Corruption in Michigan, Governor Abbott and Winning 2024

By Robert Anthony

Jan 27th 2024


I don’t know how to write this because I have so much dirt on the Republican politicians leading the party in Michigan.  I have a lot on my heart and a lot to say…. I guess I’ll start somewhat at the beginning…

I have had run-in’s with Pat Colbeck, Ron Armstrong and others leading Michigan’s conservatives throughout my time in Michigan politics.  It remains very difficult for me to understand these people and what exactly they are doing with our state? 

(Left Pat Colbeck to the right Mike Lindell)

I met Pat Colbeck at the Cyber Symposium. Within moments of meeting me he was encouraging me To Not do anything pertaining to an Election Audit in Michigan because “Stand Up Michigan” was already doing it!?  Which was a bold-faced lie.  Not only was Stand Up not involved with anything to do with audits but Ron Armstrong, the man who swindled Stand Up away from Garrett Soldano and Kevin Skinner, has never, not once, publicly acknowledged that they stole 2020 from the American People!  And yet so many continue to prop up this Stand Up organization in Michigan… it grieves me. Colbeck sits on the board of Stand Up.  Perhaps he recently dropped off but for years he was intimately involved with them and Ron Armstrong their CEO.  We still don’t really know where they get most of their funding from (DeVos?) but we know Mike Shirkey has funded Stand Up.  We know that Shirkey has given Stand Up half-a-million at least.  And who is Mike Shirkey? I’m glad you asked.


(Left, Ron Armstrong to the right Mike Shirkey)

Shirkey, Colbeck and McBroom, three Michigan State Senators who had various roles on the Michigan Senate Elections Committee.  Colbeck Co-Chaired the elections committee for a few years, the same years SOS Ruth Johnson (GOP) purchased a whole pile of (Dominion) election machines.  Shirkey, Colbeck and McBroom, three close friends known to frequent the Michigan House of Prayer together, were a major part of running the election system in Michigan over the course of the past 8 or so years.  Of course, we all know Shirkey was the State Senator who came out against “The Big Steal”!  Of course, we all know McBroom wrote his infamous “McBroom Report” – obviously they were not in a hurry to audit themselves!  They literally were a part of purchasing the machines and creating the election data systems!

(Ed McBroom left with Michigan Gov Whitmer, right)

Shirkey is interesting also because of his ties to China.  He publicly denied making any money from China – even though a Michigan-based reporter exposed all this.  Shirkey was found out.  I am personally unaware of just how much business he does with China but clearly a large portion of his business is with the Chinese.  And Shirkey is in manufacturing.  Someone should really look into this, exactly what is Shirkey manufacturing with the Chinese? In today’s political climate, might not be wise to elect politicians with such close relationships to the very nation that wants to destroy us… (Unless they were never elected in the first place?  Which is very possible.)


Of course, Armstrong and Colbeck came out against our Audit and DeCertify movements! 

Colbeck Armstrong Against DeCertify 4 pgs
Download PDF • 422KB

But Colbeck is the most surprising because he keeps showing up at all the events touting election integrity!?  Colbeck talking about election integrity is like the fox with the secret back door into the chicken coup talking about protecting chickens!  I was personally there to watch "Christian" Colbeck undermine all our efforts to fix 2020 and save Michigan’s election system.  He went out of his way to disparage my name, hardly knowing me at all, making up stories to ensure there would be no support for several of our efforts.  But he did the same underhanded things to Rep. Carra when Steve was writing the bill to Audit the 2020 Presidential Election.  Making sure that audit would never happen.  I am intimately aware of Colbeck’s involvement in destroying every chance we had in auditing 2020’s broken election.


And why would he not!? Doesn’t he have to protect himself and all his buddies?  I know it's hard to read and hard to believe because so many have respected these guys!  McBroom, the last time I checked, still sits on the Elections Board with, ironically, the ex-SOS now MI Senator Ruth Johnson.  You can’t make this stuff up!?


I feel terrible about what is happening in Michigan.  But anyone who challenges the status quo is going to catch a beating!  Some very powerful people in both parties will go to great extremes to make sure this status quo doesn’t ever change.  Remember this fact, The Republicans created the election system in Michigan!  When we go and open all the books, to really look into what happened with our election system – we are going to see a long list of Republican names throughout that history!  Snyder, Johnson, Colbeck, Shirkey, McBroom… all GOP.  But there are more who are involved...  I don’t know who has been cheating worse over the years?  Maybe the Democrats used the broken system the GOP created to steal the state from us? This history really must be looked into. After we get rid of the machines and centralized-computerized, election system.


I don’t know if DePerno was ever really our champion?  I like to think he was.  But he stopped supporting all Election Integrity efforts once he started running for office.  Many of us approached him for support but he just wasn’t interested in anything but winning his campaign.  And that maybe isn’t so terrible, if he was going to use that power as he had promised us all.  But it’s hard to know one way or the other.  Why didn’t he fight for the election that was stolen from him?  I approached him about it.  But he simply wasn’t interested.  If they steal elections, as he so often said, Why then didn’t he fight for his own stolen election?

(Kristina Karamo MIGOP Chair left, Matt DePerno right)

Karamo also was funny about what she supported when she was running for MI-SOS.  I personally gave her campaign more money than I had ever given any candidate, ever.  I really thought she would fight for our elections.  But she never supported anything we were doing: not the Audit’s, not the Decertify movement, nothing, at least not publicly.  It’s hard to judge why someone does what they do, intention is certainly very hard to judge.  But if they were interested in actually fixing the broken election system, one would think they would have done something about it, more than just campaign.  Now at the MIGOP what has Karamo done to win back a free and fair election? And shore up 2024?  Perhaps she has secret plans?  But publicly there is not much to talk about. There is so much proof we have of the fraudulent election system in Michigan but perhaps this topic has become the elephant in the room? The topic that no politician wants to talk about because… why?  Well, why is the more complicated question.  But the simple fact remains, our Republican politicians in Michigan do not want to deal with this issue and clearly many of them have been complicit.


Am I against DePerno or Karamo?  By no means.  I consider them both friends and a Huge Leap forward in Michigan Republican politics.  I am writing about them to say that they should have banded together – and banded together with THE PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN.  To empower people throughout the state and actually LEAD A MOVEMENT.  I told DePerno I would support him in doing so.  This conversation turned out to be what ended our short-lived working relationship together.  Still surprises me to this day.  But even with those disagreements, I wish he had won!!  I would still help him if he got back involved in the fight to save our elections!


Karamo, I would help her too!  But she is under such fire, I don’t think elections are much on her mind at the moment.  But 2024 is very much on my mind!  If we don’t win the White House back!!?  And Biden remains in the White House another 4-years!?  What will become of our nation!?


I wish I had good advice for Karamo.  But they were never going to help her succeed as Chair.  Personally, I wish she had been 10 times more bold and assertive in the role, going after election integrity with the same zeal and fervor she had when she was campaigning.  But it’s a moot point now.  I was never against her and I am not against her now.  But I do grieve for Michigan.


My advice for Michigan, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ELECTION INTEGRITY (which is to say, All roads lead to fixing our broken election system)!  Michigan, as a swing state, is of critical importance that cannot be overstated.  We would vote Republican Presidents into the White House for decades to come if it wasn’t for our broken election system.  Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota (Colorado, Arizona, New Hampshire, New Mexico and more,) all have huge Republican populations but these “swing” states are filled with corruption, especially when it comes to the state and federal elections.


Listening to the Q-Anoner’s there is some super-secret plan and “everything will be revealed” and “Trump will be back in Office” so just “sit back and watch”.  I have been fighting against this narrative since I first entered politics.  Large groups of people throughout Michigan and the nation were living in a sort of dreamland-fantasy world, at best half-heartedly engaging with our movements because of this secret Q plan.  They predetermined everything was under control and they had little to no responsibility to get involved and support us.  Do I still hope I am wrong!?  Absolutely.  Do I wish now and again there is some secret Q-plan that will be revealed and everything will be fixed, healed and restored!?  Without a doubt.  But I give it less than a 1% chance that the Q-Anoners are right. 


Wouldn’t it be funny if China was behind the whole Q-Anon phenomenon!? Many people I talk with about it believe Q is a US three-letter agency psy-op - but whoever is behind it, someone very clever, organized and powerful is working to destroy our Republic. And the corruption that is our entire political system is enabling even aiding in that demise, even as I write to you now.  Whoever it is against us, they are well-funded, well-prepared and very cunning in their strategy, planning and execution.


I started the show “All Politics is Local” with the intention to convince as many of the good people as I can into local politics, especially.  Looking at the absolute failure that has been this Republican Congress I put no faith in national politics solving this problem at all (President Trump excluded).


Local Politics can stand against this tyranny.  Just look at what is happening now with Texas and their border!  The Governors banding together against tyranny, FINALLY!  But then again, what if this is what “they” want?  What if “their” goal is to divide our country and get us fighting?  What if their goal is civil war?  And “they” know they could never take us head-on but that their only hope is to destroy us from within!?  We must be very very careful right now with these events unfolding.  We must not go to civil war! 

We must pray for the Governors’ wisdom.  We must pray for Governor Abbott but also the other GOP Governors standing against this lawlessness.  This stand must not devolve into civil war.  We must fight against this evil with extreme wisdom and poise.  Our side fights with morality, good-character and the law which in many ways does shackle us from a wide range of options.  The evil we are against throws our sense of morality, conscience and truth out the window – and will go to any extremes necessary to defeat us and ruin the nation.  It truly is not a “fair fight” and we must recognize this going in.


We must pray for a series of miracles.  Both within Michigan and throughout the nation!  We are not in good shape coming into 2024 elections.  We need EVERYONE TO VOTE TRUMP!  We need to biggest turn out, by far, ever!  And still, we will need a series of miracles to win the White House back.  But our God does miracles. 


I will close with the best news!  The best news I see is that a new generation of wonderful people just got into politics!  Perhaps some of the best people to ever get into American politics have just entered the arena.  A lot of what is happening now we truly will not see for several years.  If we, as a movement, continue, what will the nation look like 5 and 10 years from now!?  There is no telling.  But the path to winning this nation back once and for all, truly goes thru local politics


We need to be mentored and mentor as we run for office.  We need to play both the short game and the long game at the same time.  We need to keep our vision focused on the end goal but all the while staying firmly planted in today.  It’s hard to do if we lose our motivation and hope. 


Keep encouraging the men and women next to you.  Be good to those who are fighting at your left and right side.  It’s harder to build than it is to tear down.  Let me repeat that again, IT IS MUCH HARDER TO BUILD SOMETHING THAN IT IS TO TEAR IT DOWN. 


Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a time and a purpose to all things under heaven. There is a time to tear down but then there is also a time to build anew!  Keep these things in mind as we move forward!  Be very thoughtful and prayerful about how we go about building our New America!


I’m going to end with a prayer for Kristina Karamo, “Lord, I pray for Kristina.  If You have her in this position, I pray that You would keep her there!  I pray that no weapon formed against her shall prosper and that every tongue that rises against her, she will condemn.  But Father if You have something bigger and better for her than MIGOP Chair?  If you have some even greater work, help her to see it.  Sometimes it’s the hidden things that have the greater glory and honor in reality.  Guard her heart, Lord.  She has been under attack for quite a while.  Help her to hear Your voice even with all these voices around her shouting for her attention, shouting for influence.  Give her Your miraculous insight and wisdom in what to do now.  You are the Living God who loves us.  Love Kristina Father… In Jesus Name.  Amen.”


Ok. Last prayer.  “Lord, I lift up Governor Abbott. I so appreciate him taking this stand for his state and the nation.  I pray you give him supernatural wisdom.  He is going to need some amazing strategy and foresight to keep this thing he is doing from unraveling and descending into chaos. Those who he fights against do not fight fair neither do they fight for anything good but only destruction.  Give him and the other Governors incredible wisdom and even foreknowledge to know what their enemy will try to do and that they will be able to outmaneuver them even before they do it!  Surround them with protection and your angelic host.  Let no harm come near them, in Jesus name.”


“And save our nation Father.  Restore President Trump to the White House and fix our broken election system.  Turn the hearts of America back to you.  Let the people of this nation no longer be content with lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life – but change all our hearts to desire the eternal and beautiful pursuits of life: family, friends, community, a righteous nation and relationship with You, Father!  Do a quick work in our broken country Father.  Send your Spirit.  Save us.


“In Jesus name.  Amen.”


Still grieving for Michigan.


Praying for our Revival!! - Robert

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3 commentaires

10 févr.

I so admire your ability to stand firm in the spiritual battle that is at the heart of our nation's demise, AND PRAY. The skirmishes within the party are but evil itself trying to scare us from our calling to make things right. We need to put God first and totally depend on Him to do the miracles for us. May God bless you, me, and others who want to win the good race with our eyes focussed on our Lord Jesus.


28 janv.

I agree with about 99.9% of your views. I became a precinct delegate to see the GOP from the inside out. It's worse than an unorganized day care. I also became an election inspector to watch with my own eyes the process. The election fraud is large, even in my little precinct in Livonia, which I reported to Patrick Colbeck...Crickets! Ron Armstrong is the ultimate snake in Michigan. He and Tammy Clark are the reason I dropped out of Stand Up Michigan. I do disagree about Q. JFK'S grave at Arlington National Cemetery is in the shape of a Q. That's where the Q movement began. Thank you for all do. God Bless us all!

En réponse à

Hahaha. "Unorganized Daycare" Good One! I am more open to things than I might realize in the article. I get frustrated with people sometimes when they sit back and watch, especially when they spend their days watching Fox News and now all this new conservative media, complaining. They still say that only about half of the Christians are voting!? That's hard for me to believe, but I have had this number pushed on me for years. On the west coast I believe it! For Sure! I attended church on the west coast for most of my upbringing and never heard a single word about voting or elections. Or really not even much if anything about the issues. Stan…

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