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Are They Really Prepping for Another Lockdown!?

By Robert Anthony

August 24th, 2023

Where did the Flu go? Just look at this graphic prepared by the W.H.O.!? Apparently, the flu disappeared completely from THE WHOLE OF THE EARTH!? during the "Pandemic"!!? Please, someone tell me that I am seeing this wrong...

Here is Representative Pam Altendorf (MN) is showing what Target is preparing - LOCKDOWNS!? Looks like it... Ugh...

This man says the same thing happening at Target is happening at Walmart! Unbelievable!

Stew Peters is reporting on this:

I don't know this man, but his reporting all throughout his Twitter thread certainly is believable... They say it's starting here in MI!?

Congresswoman Boebert is reporting on this as FACT:

Congressman Gaetz is reporting on these coming lockdowns:

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