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Why They Need The UFO Narrative

by Robert Anthony

July 30th 2023

Everyone seems to be pushing the agenda that is currently paying their bills. There is incredible amounts of money in creating and distributing a vaccine. Simple logic says that Big Pharma will continue funding the WHO, Medical Universities, Researchers and Labs all over the world but not to cure any disease – there is no money in a cure – rather to sell drugs and medicate a population. China has no natural gas or petroleum. They control the worlds rare earth mineral markets so they are going to push EVs, Batteries, Solar and every other kind of technology that utilizes the rare earths, they will even create/fund phony “Climate Change” movements to do so. Let’s say you own a company that builds rocket ships and sends them into outer space? What narrative would you cling to? That the earth is abundant, we are all safe and our generations will be blessed??

There is simply no money in a simple life with simple technologies, if you want to play with the big boys your narrative will need to change...

I believe that our bodies are amazing and need natural things to support them: vitamins, minerals, good food and every once and a while a break from eating, a fast, to let the body cleanse itself. But none of those beliefs will make me a billionaire. I think the food is just fine the way it is: I don’t want to genetically engineer anything, I don’t want to modify any seed to make it resistant to weather or pests, I'm not interested in creating a marijuana strand with 100x more THC in it because I don’t like getting high. There is no money in vitamins/minerals, you can not patent them, health insurance doesn’t cover vitamins and minerals usually and then, of course, you can get ALL Vitamins and Minerals from food. There is no money in food.

But the real reason we will never go back to the old world is because of weapons and war. China and Russia can go into outer space and shoot rockets at us, so we must go into outer space to be able to shoot rockets at them, Period. We will never abandon Space, Big Pharma Technologies, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Transhumanism, Genetically Modified foods, Robotics, AI and the search of Extraterrestrial Life because our enemies and competitor nations will never abandon these things. And… let us not forget… much of this we (USA) created in the first place.

They say there are minerals on the moon? They say Mars and the Moon are both rich in rare minerals, gold, etc. I’m not sure if I believe them. I would have to be better convinced of it than I am right now. Right now, it seems to me that all this pandering about going to the stars and the funding behind it actually has to do with matters of national security. But beyond the government, the Space-race is actually about the fortunes than are made in getting there!

Beyond the innocence of our national security, there is a far more insidious evil lurky in the shadows behind this new space-race… the Bible calls it “The Love of Money”


This narrative that is quickly emerging, dividing the earth into two very distinct parts, do not kid yourself, has everything to do with riches.

Technology, the creation of technology, the ownership and patents surrounding technology, the weapons technologies, bio-technologies, etc. they might represent as much as 50% of the worlds GDP!

This Transhumanism, pro-Abortion, LGBTQ, AI, build the cities, GMO food, CRISPR, eat bugs, reduce the world’s population, Climate Change, Global Government, ESG, Vaccine Passport, Hack the Human Genome, Green Energy, UFO narrative is at its core anti-God but it’s very very pro-Money.

Personally, I would be very comfortable living on 5+ acres, farming, ranching, working every day with my hands, raising a large God-loving, people-loving family and blessing anyone in need, dying penniless, having given it all away! In fact, I do live some of this life right now. I have thought often about becoming much more like the Amish. Getting around with a horse and buggy! Ditching the cel phone all-together. (I have in my life lived without a cel phone for years, 2008-2010! And somehow I survived!! Hahaha.) I think the only thing that keeps me “plugged in” is my desire to minister the gospel and connect with people. I might drop the cel phone again soon?

Let me speak to the problem even more clearly, and this is something I know very intimately:

Let’s say you want to be a famous movie star or Venture Capitalist? You move to Los Angeles to get into the film industry or San Francisco to get into Venture Capital. Here’s a piece of advice for you if you want to succeed, “Never ever mention if you are a Christian. Ever.” Bury your every belief if you are Pro-Life, against Vaccines and do not support Colonizing the Moon, Mars or Europa. If you are going into the film industry, Never ever mention that you believe in traditional marriage and have no desire to be gay. Ever. You will be laughed out of Hollywood if you are a Christian who believes in innocence and purity. Wall Street too. If you go to New York, never mention that you are more than happy to make a million or two, buy a farm and spend the rest of your life raising a good family to walk in the knowledge and salvation of God - and spreading His gospel the rest of your life. Never mention to any of these people you are adamantly against abortion.

They love the UFO-narrative for many reasons but chief among them is it benefits them all financially. Most of these we are up against love money and power more than anything on earth. Bill Gates could do wonders with all his money to benefit the world, instead he goes completely the other direction wanting to reduce the population!? And rather than giving us the Chilean Sea Bass and Wagyu Steak he enjoys, he wants us to eat bugs. The Tech Billionaires: Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg, Branson, etc. they all want us to leave our beautiful and wonderful earth for some desolate, lifeless wasteland – a frightening and barren Moon, or Mars, or Venus, etc. With all their billions, rather than helping us to enjoy our lives on this abundant earth, they want to take it from us!? And give us what in return!?

And the UFOs fit into their narrative wonderfully. To leave the earth we need to transform our bodies because we simply can not survive in outer space. This is a matter of fact now – the human body was not made for life on the Moon, Mars, etc. We therefore need Big Pharma, CRISPR, amazing amounts of technology, AI, the best solar tech ever and More! There are only two religions emerging on earth. Either we are going to save ourselves (maybe together with the aliens) or the Bible is true and God is our salvation.

The Bible has a lot to say about what is happening right now on the earth. But to believe it, is to choose a much more narrow path and at times a harder life on earth. And if making large amounts of money is your goal, better not to be a Christian.

They, whoever you want to call them, have a belief system, a religion if you want to call it that… They believe 1st, No one is going to save us. They have no relationship or trust at all in God. They reject Him, no matter how much evidence they receive, they are even against Him. 2nd, Since no one is going to save us, they must create their own plan for salvation – and the majority of them do that with money. Lots and lots of money! As if money, technology, the “planets”, AI, transhumanism, etc. can save them. 3rd, Morality and the entire concept around morality is subjective. There are no real absolutes and everything is open for debate. Truth is relative and the mind is practically worshipped! These are generally the three pillars of their religion.

Absolutes do not work in a world wherein “He who dies with the most money wins”. Morality, the foundational morality that was derived from the Word of God, has no place in this world wherein Money is god. UFOs can be little gods, so long as they don’t mess with the economics of things – in fact UFOs could make for good gods since we can patent “their” technologies and make untold fortunes in the new space race, even mutating people’s bodies, getting them ready for Titan or Europa!?

Who are the biggest companies traded on Wall Street? Who runs them? Just who are the kings of the earth? What do they believe and what do they want to do with me and my family!?

Now, I am 100% for the Free-Market. But if you think this world is “Free” if you think our version of Capitalism promotes a free market? Then create a new technology that they don’t want. Create a car that goes 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline (Like they did in the 60’s), Create a self-sustaining free-energy source and market it at cost for the little-people (This has been done before), Refuse to use Monsanto’s GMO seed (They will sue you), Refuse a Covid Vaccine but promote vitamins and minerals (How many lost their jobs, licenses, etc. during Covid, promoting the Truth!?) you will learn very quickly that, “Oops, maybe we aren’t the “Free-Market” afterall…”

The politicians work for the billionaires. The Billionaires serve their money-god. And if they need religion they can always look to the stars! Maybe someday the Aliens will show up to save them!? Our world has been captured by “The Love of Money”. The Bible says, “The Love of Money is the Root of ALL Evil”. Jesus said, “No man can serve two masters, he will love the one and hate the other, no man can serve God and mammon (wealth, money).”

Paul writes to Timothy, “Having clothes on your back and some food in your belly, be content with these…” And “Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we will carry nothing out of it.” And “They that are rich fall into all sorts of temptations… these drown men in destruction and perdition (which is hell).” As Christians we believe, we are only passing thru. This (broken) world was never our home. God will fix it someday. But for now, we are merely passing thru. These bodies are not ours to keep, only our souls remain. Our soul gets presented to God. And what we did with it, becomes the eternal-economy. What we traded away our soul for, that is heavens economy. Did we trade the days of our soul to love them and give? Did we exchange our soul for suffering and the many sorrows brought on by living a holy life in this world? Or did we war against our own soul, ignoring eternity, at war with men and God, destroying His creation without conscience, without the love for life and the things of His goodness and innocence?

I still haven’t said whether or not I believe in the UFO delusion. I have a lot to say on the subject that is Biblical. I guess we can call this a Part One: “Breaking Down the Narrative that is this UFO Delusion.” That would have been a good title.

This world has been hijacked by people who hate God. They literally hate Him. Show them Noah’s Ark in the mountains of Ararat, show them the actual Mount Sinai burnt with fire from when God descended upon the mountain in fire (Exodus 19), Show them the sulfur balls they found at Gomorrah (the cities destroyed by God because they were so corrupt), etc. ALL THE EVIDENCE IS HERE. Science continually is proving: 1. It’s a very young earth, 2. Evolution is impossible, 3. All the real science points to God creating man. But they still won’t believe!? Why!? God is good. Why won’t they believe!? ...Because they love money more than anything. In closing: I know a man who works with Jews, he is partnered with them. He was raised Christian and still holds some of his Christian beliefs in his heart. But the moment he starts preaching Jesus Christ is Messiah, those Jews will get rid of him, immediately, and he knows it. I know a man who is gay. He works with many famous people in his business and earns hundreds of thousands, maybe a million a year working with them. The moment he stops being gay, stops doing drugs admits to them all he loves Jesus and has for a long time, all his clients will be gone, overnight. I was told I would be given 5 million dollars to fund the children’s home that I wanted to start, all I had to do was agree to drop the Faith-Based component of my organization and I would have everything I needed (ironically, the grant was coming from Microsoft/Bill Gates). The Bible says, “Choose you this day who you will serve”. God never promised us it was going to be easy. He said, “The Road is straight and narrow.” In fact Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!” Your soul is intact brothers and sisters. Celebrate that! This world was never our home. We were always passing thru. Walking with Jesus, we are trading these temporal and temporary rewards for eternity! Eternal rewards we will receive! And God will provide all our needs according to His riches in glory! The scripture says, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor has it entered into the hearts of man what God has prepared for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

Any rewards we receive in this life are nothing compared to what awaits us with Him, forever! Hang in there saints of God… The Best is yet to come… Both now and in eternity The Best is Yet to Come!

I will write more about this Alien-delusion soon God Bless

- Robert

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