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Where is The Truth (as it Pertains to Ukraine/Russia)

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

(By Guest Contributor, Tony Nastas, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Tony is a preacher, a businessman, a husband, a father of two sons, a patriot and a sincere follower of Jesus Christ.)

The Pentagon slides leak just happened. Some say it’s a big problem for the US government, some say the real problem is that their government is hiding the truth.

But do these slides REALLY reflect the truth? If you are an analyzing person, you clearly understand that these slides just reflect what the US intelligence thinks. Their analytics are based just on the facts they know. But they do not know everything. Sometimes the interpretation is not correct.

You and I well know that intelligence was wrong many times before. You remember their reports on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, you name it. But because the taxpayers pay a high dollar to these people, we believe that our intelligence is smart enough and knows more than we (Ukrainians) do. There very well may be some truth to that.

But in reality, we base our thinking on what the intelligence thinks. They give their “highly classified” reports to the high political figures who make strategic decisions.

The point I am leading to is that every information depends on the person who perceives it.

You and I have our own beliefs. We justify the party thinking we like and condemn the opposite one. By a person’s perception we understand whose side they are taking or leaning to.

For example, there was the original slide with Russia’s and Ukraine’s losses:

But immediately another edition of the assessed losses appeared:

Both the original and the edited numbers are not correct. But that is not the point.

The original leaked document shows Ukraine’s 16k -17,5k killed in action. The edited one shows totally different numbers.

What numbers does our dear Mr. Tucker Carlson on his TV show chooses?

The one where Ukraine’s losses are 3.8 times (61k divided by 16k in the edited version) greater than Russia’s.

Here is his quote: "The second thing we learned from these slides is that despite direct U.S. involvement, Ukraine is in fact losing the war. Seven Ukrainians are being killed for every Russian. Ukrainian air defenses have been utterly degraded. Ukraine is losing."

So, Mr. Carlson chooses to believe the information he likes more. He never bothered to check the information he just got. He just chooses what is the best fit for his agenda.

One can only guess why people do things like that.

I understand that Mr. Tucker hates Biden. I understand Fox News hates Democrats. I even understand the current tense situation in the US and all bloody battles before the elections.

But spreading false information, based on a Russian edition of the leaked documents as facts, is not normal.

That proves again and again that people lean to what they believe in and what best proves their opinion. The worst thing is that people like him help to form the opinion of millions of my Republican brothers and sisters in Chris.

It makes my Ukrainian heart cry…

So, where is the truth?

Seems truly rare these days...

((Editors Note: American politics are a huge part of the disinformation/information war going on everyday in our press. At American Revival Press we are trying to tell the Truth. We are not trying to agree with a political parties agenda. It's clear that the GOP, especially the Trump portion of it, wants Out of Ukraine. It's clear that the overwhelming majority in DC support the war efforts. As we have already posted, the US has commitments made to Ukraine and NATO. We had at least a portion, if not the majority, of the famous Airborne 82nd in Europe, not in Ukraine, but in Europe but they have long since been brought home, August 2022. The 101st was in Romania but Here is an article about them coming home. If we are in a "Hot War" with Russia, then why have we been bringing all our troops home?

Dear Mr Carlson is extremely exaggerating. We are not in a "Hot War", we may have a few "consultants" around but that is a far cry from "Hot War". As Pastor Tony mentions there have been foreign fighters involved with this war since its inception. I personally know of several retired special forces who went behind enemy lines to rescue 20 orphaned girls and safely brought them into Poland!

Do "we" Americans support the war? Let's ask this question another way. Do we as American's want Russia and their allies to believe that they can invade another nation, take it's land, their army raping and doing horrifying acts all the while and the rest of the world sits idly by doing nothing? This is a difficult thing to discuss. Absolutely. We did not want Russia to invade. Period. And now what? We are left with the very difficult decisions of how we will respond.

Will we stand up to Taiwan when/if China invades? Will we go to war with North Korea if they launch WMD's into the sovereign land of our ally, South Korea? What will we do right now, Iran is attacking Israel daily thru their proxies!? No one wants war. But there is reality to this broken world we live in. Russia has never been our friend. We would LOVE for Russia to become our friend. But putting politics aside, we must eventually face reality, even if reality really sucks.

In conclusion: BOTH Political sides in America are warring. Both sides are content to split America and the divide is growing even worse. There very well may be only a few things we can agree on. There are absolutely many things that we are very far apart about - but it is unreasonable to fight for the sake of fighting, if there are policies we can agree on we should amplify those, since they are something to build off of. For the sake of the nations morale and the ability to have a relationship with "The other side" we have to enjoy the few places where we can agree. Ukraine seems like a very simple issue worth agreeing on. We can not sit idly by while Russia pummels another democracy into oblivion and takes them over by force.

Our political parties could join forces convincing Europe to get more involved, pressuring Russia to stop their invasion! That would be time, resources and energy better spent.))

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1 Comment

Apr 25, 2023

Blackrock has more influence in Fox News. We're going to see more changes coming. They do not report on many things happening now and it's only going to worsen. I switched to Epoch Times long ago, but continued to watch Tucker and Hannity.

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