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This Week in Ukraine - April 22nd

By Tony Nastas (Reporting from Ukraine) April 22nd 2024

April 19, 2024

  • Ukrainian Air Force Achieves First Down of Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber: For the first time, the Ukrainian Air Force has successfully downed a Russian Tu-22M3 bomber.

  • Casualties in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Following Russian Assault: A recent Russian assault on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast has resulted in the deaths of eight individuals, including children, with more than 30 others injured.

  • NATO-Ukraine Council Receives Commitments for More Air Defense Systems: During the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that allies have committed to supplying additional air defense systems to Ukraine.

  • Netherlands Commits Significant Funding for Ukrainian Ammunition: The Dutch government has allocated over $210 million to provide ammunition support to Ukraine.

  • Ukrainians hit a Russian base at the Dzhankoy airfield: destroyed or critically damaged: -  4 S-400 missile launch systems; -  3 radar stations; -  A command post for air defense systems; -  'Fundament-M' airspace surveillance equipment."

(Ukraine Destroyed Russian Airbase)

April 20-21, 2024

  • US Aid for Ukraine: The US House of Representatives has approved $61 billion in assistance for Ukraine, a move commended by President Zelensky.

  • Advanced Missiles for Ukraine: A US Senator has indicated that the US could begin delivering ATACMS missiles to Kyiv within a week.

  • Russian Naval Setback: Ukraine's Navy reports that the Russian Kommuna vessel was targeted and hit in Sevastopol port.

  • Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russian Infrastructure:  Ukrainian drones have targeted Russian energy facilities overnight.

  • Missile Strike in Odesa: A Russian missile attack in Odesa resulted in injuries to eight people, including two children.

  • Future Security Alliances for Ukraine: President Zelensky has mentioned the potential for Ukraine to sign bilateral security agreements with the US, as well as Nordic and Baltic countries, in the upcoming future.

April 22, 2024

  • Intense Attacks in Chasiv Yar: Military reports indicate that over 20,000 Russian troops are attempting to breach Chasiv Yar on the outskirts.

  • Challenges Ahead for Ukraine: Ukrainian general Budanov warns that Ukraine will face a difficult situation starting from mid-May.

  • Disputed Territory Capture: Russia asserts it has taken control of Novomykhailivka village, a claim Ukraine disputes.

  • Destruction of Infrastructure: The Kharkiv TV tower has been destroyed by Russian forces.

  • Military Aid from Poland: Although Poland is unable to provide Patriot missiles to Ukraine, Tusk confirms that other forms of assistance will be offered.

Prayer Request: Please, pray for Ukraine and this awful war to stop.

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