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The Israeli Report - for the Week of April 22nd

by David Silver (reporting from Mount Carmel, Israel)

April 22nd 2024

Iran - The expected first ever direct Iranian attack on Israel began late Saturday evening and lasted for 5 hours, with more than 300 missiles and drones launched at southern and northern Israel. International leaders are now urging Israel not to retaliate. After 2 meetings of the Israeli War Cabinet on Sunday and Monday, a decision was made that Israel would respond in some way to the attack by Iran. However, it will likely be very limited, so as not to escalate the tension between Israel and Iran and its proxies. The War Cabinet continues to meet to decide when and how the response will be carried out. Iran has warned Israel that the smallest action against their interests will be met with a severe, extensive and painful response. 

  • Several usually credible sources are saying that the reason Iranian General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, was assassinated with 6 others in Damascus (by Israel) on April 1st, was that he was the mastermind of the October 7 massacre, and that the Iranian reprisal attack on Israel was orchestrated by the United States and Iran. 

  • Saudi Arabia and Jordan assisted in defending Israel by shooting the Iranian missiles and drones that flew through their air space.

  • The day before the attack began, Iranian commandos captured a container ship owned by an Israeli businessman, as it was sailing through the Gulf of Hermuz. 

  • Iranians have been voicing support for Israel on social media platforms, risking arrest, possible torture and prison.

The War in Gaza - Is not really a war at present, rather a combination of ground and air missions, both defensive and offensive, as information on the enemy is received and acted upon.

  • More than 100 terror sites were attacked and 40 terrorists killed in targeted air strikes and specific ground operations continue in central and northern Gaza. A targeted air strike on a location in  Rafah was reported on Monday.

  • There were no rockets fired into Israel from Gaza for about a week, but that ended with several being fired on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Thousands of Gazans are leaving Rafah and trying to get back to their home towns in the center and the north, most likely terrorists hiding amongst them.

  • It is being reported that the United States will back a large scale Israeli operation in Rafah if Israel cancels the plan to retaliate against Iran for the missile attack last weekend.

  • 2 brigades of reserve soldiers have been called up in preparation for duty in Gaza - further details have not been disclosed at this time.

The Northern Border - As Iranian missiles and drone were flying towards Israel in the early hours of Sunday morning, Hezbollah fired more that 50 rockets at northern Israel.

  • 4 soldiers were wounded, 1 seriously, when an explosive device ignited close to them. This happened just inside the Lebanon side of the border and Hezbollah has claimed responsibility.

  • Sporadic rocket fire and attempted drone infiltration's have been taking place throughout the week. Israel has been striking terror targets and Hezbollah infrastructure in response.

  • A  Hezbollah field commander was eliminated in a targeted attack on a vehicle in southern Lebanon on Tuesday. Another Hezbollah leader, who was the head of the western sector rocket firing force, was targeted and killer later in the day.

  • 14 soldiers and 4 civilians were injured when a Hezbollah drone struck a community center in an Israeli Arab village near the border on Wednesday morning. One of the soldiers is in critical condition and 4 others are listed as seriously injured.

  • Reports that Iran and Hezbollah are reducing the number of their high level officers in Syria, and that the United Nations force in Lebanon are staying in secure shelters.

Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) - A 14 year old Israeli boy tending to the family cattle was killed in a terror attack late last week. In response, local Jews went on a rampage in a nearby Arab village, setting cars and some homes on fire. 

  • As Passover approaches this coming Monday evening, security remains at high level in and around Jerusalem until it ends on April 29th. A terror attack was averted on Tuesday.

  • Anti terror operations this week have resulted in the arrest of more than 15 suspects involved in terror attacks, as well as explosives and weapons being confiscated. 

The Hostages - Hamas has once again rejected the latest proposal from Israel and is demanding a full and permanent cease-fire, all Gazans to be able to return to their home towns and a at least 30 terror prisoners released for each hostage. They added that no hostages will be released for 6 weeks after the cease-fire begins. Without a miracle, there is no prospect of any more hostages coming home any time soon.

  • Hamas have also said that they only have about 20 living hostages to release. They added that the others are either not in their custody or have died.

  • More people are saying that it is very likely that less than half of the hostages are still alive and that number may be decreasing every week.

  • Protesting family members and friends are still demanding the return of all the hostages at any cost, which is not realistic considering the current terms being set by Hamas.

Other Israel News - An Iron Dome anti missile unit mounted on an Israeli navy ship intercepted a hostile drone near the city of Eilat on Sunday. This was the second such interception in recent days.

  • The British and German foreign ministers were in Israel on Wednesday to discuss how Israel will respond to the Iranian attack, and to prevent the situation from escalating.

  • Anti PM Netanyahu protesters continue to violently protest and demand his immediate resignation. He insists that this is not the time to hold an election.

  • The United Nations Security Council is set to vote on the Palestinian Authority request to recognize and admit the State of Palestinian as a full member on Friday afternoon. The United States has the power to veto the vote. 


  • Pray for a GOD ordained miracle victory over Hamas, as He did for Israel in the Six Day War of 1967, and in the days of ancient Israel.

  • Pray for wisdom from above for the War Cabinet and military leaders as they plan and direct the war to defeat Hamas, and to somehow bring all of the hostages back home.

  • Pray that PM Netanyahu and the other leaders will not make decisions based on manipulation or threats by international leaders, or pressure from inside Israel. 

  • Pray for Divine protection over all of the IDF officers and soldiers inside Gaza, at the northern border and those operating in the West Bank.

  • Also pray protection for the pilots.

  • Pray for miraculous healing for all of the wounded soldiers and that there will be no more accidents or friendly fire incidents or accidental killing of hostages.

  • Pray that  all of the top level leaders of Hamas and the other Gaza terror organisations who are still alive, will be captured by Israel very soon.

  • Pray that all of the tunnels and stockpiles of weapons in Gaza, on the northern border and in the West Bank will be exposed and destroyed.

  • Pray for angelic protection over all the borders with Gaza - Lebanon - Syria - the West Bank and Jordan, that every attempt to infiltrate and attack Israelis will be foiled.

  • Pray for the physical and emotional health, and the miraculous release of the hostages who are alive, and supernatural healing for the hostages who have been released.

  • Pray for the Shalom of GOD over all those who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones are still in Gaza - fate unknown, and for every Israeli who has been affected by this war. 

  • Pray for the many Messianic soldiers who are in the army, that they are fully protected and that they would be salt and light to their comrades.

  • Pray for supernatural protection over all Israeli civilians, and the same for the truly innocent people in Gaza, the West Bank towns and villages and in Lebanon and Syria.

  • Pray for a safe and peaceful weekend for all of Israel over the Sabbath and Passover week.

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