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The 5 Major Reasons to Run Away from Electric Cars –

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Sure, Tesla and others make an amazing product. Those cars look so futuristic and sleek, they are shiny and new and come with a sort of intrigue and even adventure: All Electric Cars! A new toy! How fun! But looking under the proverbial hood, many things are revealed. Here are 5 Major Reasons to run away from All Electric Cars:

  1. They can’t take the Heat (or cold). If you live in places of extremes, hot or cold, you are going to be bothered by the poor performance of your air conditioning and heating compared with what you are used to with your combustion engine. But performance isn’t the biggest issue facing EV’s, read this article to understand how running the A/C or heater cuts the range almost in half!

  2. Batteries are Unbelievably Expensive. Have you priced one of your Tesla/EV batteries lately? You are going to spend $40-50,000 for your EV, then whatever it costs to charge and then, your batteries are only going to last? 10 years? If you are lucky and take care of them perfectly? Depending on the batteries your EV uses, it could cost you upwards of $20,000 to replace!

  3. THEY ARE NOT GREEN! Contrary to popular opinion, these batteries pose Major problems to God’s creation. They do not know how to get rid of them. They are not completely recyclable right now. ( While they can be reused, it is only to an extent. At some point in time these batteries will all end up useless and they simply do not have a sustainable plan to dispose of them. But with all of this, we still haven’t discussed the conditions of the mines where they are extracting the Lithium. Extracting these rare-earth minerals totally destroy the immediate area surrounding the mine for years maybe decades because of the toxic way they process the lithium (or cobalt).

  4. Extremely Unsafe. There are various articles on the subject but here is one that explains it rather well, ( If you are buying an EV you must think of your cars engine and batteries as an INCENDIARY DEVICE! They literally use Lithium in some of the WMDs they make! If your batteries catch fire, there is simple nothing the fire department can do to put them out. They burn and burn and burn until all the fuel is extinguished. How is that for Green Technology!?

  5. They are powered by Power Plants! Don’t live in some delusion that we are going to be able to replace our electric grid with Solar, Wind, Hydro technologies. That is fantasy land. Already, with only 20-30% of our grid being replaced with these “green” technologies there are massive problems to the grid! Rolling Blackouts, brownouts during extreme weather especially are becoming common place in every state that has invested heavily into this delusion. These EVs are going to have to get power from somewhere? What? Are we going to go all-nuclear powered? Like Nuclear is green-energy!? What a crock! They have no idea still how to recycle the waste. Don’t ever forget that. They still, archaically bury the nuclear waste in drums somewhere in the earth. Believe it or not, coal is still the most “green” economically sound, power-creating technology we have to date. I will discuss ideas for other technologies that have been resisted for decades in another article.

Conclusion: will there come a time wherein our technology is better and suddenly EVs become advantageous? Perhaps. But if we return to reality and stop living in this dreamland we will conclude now is simply not the time. I have heard it rumored they can make combustion engines that gets 100 miles to the gallon!? What if we focused our engineers on maximizing the output of the combustion engine? Or what if we focused better on mass transit like so much of the world, investing in high-speed trains and rail systems? Certainly there are things we can do to make this world a better and more sustainable place but the fact of the matter is now is not the time for EVs.

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