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Suit Up! Put On Your Armor Before Entering The Ring!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

By Robert "RJ" Regan Sept 17th 2023

With election season right around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts with any soon-to-be candidates about what you can expect if you intend to stand for truth. When I ran for State Representative in Michigan in 2022, I was a State Committeeman and Precinct Delegate.

In 2020, my viral video with almost 1 million views, exposed Michigan Governor Whitmer paying retirement homes with state funds to place COVID positive patients alongside our elderly.

In 2020, one of my daughters tweeted, encouraging people not to vote for me because I would not support the socialist and terrorist groups Antifa and BLM. It became international news, literally. NewsMax, Fox & Friends, and even Rush Limbaugh ran with the story for two days.

In 2021, a special election took place when Peter McGregor, a State Senator, resigned his seat to become County Treasurer. As a massive underdog, being out spent 10 to 1 and without the backing of the RINO establishment Republican Party (MIGOP), to everyone’s astonishment, I won the party primary!

Immediately my phone blew up from across the State. Power brokers, politicians, lobbyists, reporters, you name it, they all wanted to talk. Earlier that day, crickets. Once I won, the flood gates opened.

The next day I drove to the State Capitol in Lansing to introduce myself and start building relationships. Powerful people offered deals to “make my life easier” if I would “just vote a certain way.” After I refused them, they said “be careful RJ, we can make your life hell”, and trust me, they certainly tried. Slanderous reporting and a massive negative mail campaign ensued about me comparing the election fraud to rape. My own party (your GOP) did this to me! They even went so far as to fund a Republican opponent as a write in candidate to make sure I would not win the strong Republican district to give the seat to a Democrat! Yes, you read that correctly. These GOP Mega-donors gave my district to the Dem.!

They intentionally ran with a bogus story and in addition to the onslaught of slanderous press reporting, over 20 hit pieces were mailed to voters in my district.

Here's just one example:

Both the Kent County GOP and the Michigan GOP illegally refused me access to the county convention as well as the state convention so I could not vote in State Party elections. As a primary winner I was automatically elevated to a voting position, however they refused me access.

At the outbreak of the Ukraine war I publicly stated to “pause.” It was being covered the same way COVID was being covered and George Soros was a big Ukraine supporter which gave me reason to be suspect of the narrative. Immediately, I was labeled a Putin-lover and a communist.

My public stance against forced masks and forced vaccines labeled me a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer. The death threats, a visit from the FBI, harassment with phone calls in the middle of the night and even multiple events, harassing my friends and children. (I have multiple screen shots to add here as well)

On January 6th I was in the 4th row watching President Trump along with General Flynn and Mike Lindell. When I returned home, the FBI came to my house after someone reported that I was the guy who was photographed carrying out the lectern. It wasn’t me.

Then, pracrtically out of nowhere, my ex-wife publicly threw her hat in the ring saying what a monster I am. And listening to the press, you’d have to agree with her. But, to those who know me and aren’t crazy, you’ll get a different story. In fact, one of my political opponents in 2018, who beat me in the Republican primary, ran for Congress in 2020. She told a group of voters that I was “a real gentleman” and “not once did RJ lower himself to character assassination or dirty politics.” When I was called a “racist” two of my black friends reached out. One immediately donated $700 to my campaign and the other, over sipping a glass of tequila, said, “these people are crazy, you’re no racist.” After the story about my rape comments came out, I had successful political officials publicly write letters and put out press releases that what was being reported was a lie. I even had women who were victims of sexual assault publicly defend me. All to no avail. The propaganda worked well, the public was told what to believe, they drank the kool-aide and the destruction of my reputation was complete:

I lost in the General Election at the hands of my own party.

Here is the proof of MIGOP Mega-Donors funding to make sure the Democrat wins the election!?

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it or what you say and how you say it. These globalists who control the Republican and Democrat parties run the show. As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you’re not in it.” I personally don’t care about the Democrat party because they are beyond repair. They are so far gone with their communist agenda that they make Stalin look like Ayn Rand. It’s the Republican party that we really should be focused on restoring, immediately.

The big money has always controlled politics, but today, the big money are globalists hell bent on stripping the individual of their autonomy and freedom as guaranteed by our US Constitution (There is no Intl Constitution, Fyi.). If you go against that globalist agenda, and you’re effective at articulating ideas and inspiring people, you will face their wrath. This isn’t a maybe, it’s a guarantee.

If I haven't said it clearly enough yet, let me say it now, "It is desperately necessary for good men to get involved, either by running for office or behind the scenes with fund raising, networking for a candidate, supporting local GOP boards, helping in the campaign process, etc." We are in desperate need of a few million good men fighting for the salvation of this nation. I say men purposefully, as there are plenty of women already in the fray. As Edmund Burke had said, much more than 100 years ago: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”

Just be aware of what you are getting into if you decide to run for office and want to stand on the principles found in the Constitution. These crazies will betray you. The Republican establishment is worse than the Democrat party because they will infiltrate your campaign and work against you from within the gates. A traitor is always worse than an enemy.

- Robert "Rj" Regan

Here is the Interview we just did with RJ Regan on "All Politics is Local" -

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