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So... Where is the American Revival!? (A little History of our Movement)

By Robert Anthony

June 20 2023

The past three years have been tough for our family. Like many of the families of the world Covid upended so many of the things we were doing… and maybe that will turn out to be a good thing? But we haven’t got to that part of the story yet. So far it’s been a lot of hard work and suffering. Many of you know I got into politics here in Michigan 2021. I was never involved with politics before: business, ministry, nonprofit work… but never politics. We ended up building the movement in Michigan that had the legal standing to overturn the fraudulent 2020 Election. We proved that the election was a shame with We found more than 100K missing votes using our online software. It’s still hard to understand what happened.

We were never really bothered by the Democrat Party. They published a very few hit-pieces about me, personally but very little about our claims and In fact they were very careful NEVER TO MENTION in the press. That was smart of them. What grieves me isn’t merely the fact that the Republican Party in Michigan came against us, that was even to be expected, what grieves me is how many of the MAGA-movement in Michigan came against us! I’m still trying to make sense of it.

What we created should have been a rallying cry for the movement! We had the software and the legal standing to prove Trump won Michigan. Where were all these supposed “Conservatives” and “Republicans” while we were working so hard, sometimes 15 hours a day, without funding, going into debt, doing everything we could to help but we were destroyed from within. I have so many questions, doubts and frustrations – but beyond that, what I learned is that this is a far more complicated situation than I first thought.

They have known the election system is broken for a long time. It has been such a mess for so long but it had also been the unspoken problem in politics that no one wants to face, it makes us look bad as a country and weak as the leader of the free world. Beyond that, we can now see how corrupted some of our longest established US Institutions have become and that has seemed to have taken the precedent. We must fix what is broken. We can fix the election system, our voter rolls, lock up all the criminals, etc. but if the highest institutions in our US Government are corrupt? It will just be a few short years until the elections are rigged again, and worse. We must fix what is systemically broken in our nation and it’s fearful because what is broken can be likened to an army! The high powers in our government that have been infiltrated by globalist, anti-American and anti-Christ ideals carry guns, the enforce laws, the have the power to lock people away and manipulate courts and the legal system! What an intense and immense battle is this!?

But this battle must be fought and won.


The truth is The American Revival has begun already! A groundswell was breaking forth especially during the Obama Administration. You can retrace their movement, it was called, “The Tea Party” before it became “MAGA”. President Trump came to power in large part because of the efforts of those Tea Party Patriots who created the beginnings of this American Revival. I was fortunate to have met a few of them: Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Congressman Trent Franks, Joseph Farah (founder of, etc. Many people suggest that the founding of the Tea Party dates back to an event held by Ron Paul’s campaign on the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and that the modern Tea Party movement was birthed out of the ashes of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

In hindsight, it seems to me that the radical Obama-administration did something to awaken some very patriotic and Christ-following Americans to war for America like never before! But the story doesn’t even begin with the Tea Party… October 4th 1997 Promise Keepers held a rally in Washington DC wherein estimates as high as 1 Million Americans, mostly men, gathered to pray for our nation! There has been a movement in America to end abortion for more than 40 years, every year they march on Washington DC demanding justice for the rights of the unborn and to change the nations laws governing such! The Tea Party, Ron Pauls’ movement, The Promise Keepers, The March for Life, etc. - a culmination of all these movements with all these Patriots and mostly Christians devoting their lives, finances and painstaking labor was on June 16th, 2015 when Donald Trump came down the escalator in his Trump Tower to officially launch his campaign for the Presidency. President Trump was the embodiment of a movement that had been slowly building for some 40 years! The Pro-Life movement had practically not a single substantial victory in all it’s 40 years of fighting. The Promise Keepers has had to recreate itself several times, that gathering in 1997 was by far the biggest event they ever held, Ron Paul’s movement ended when his campaign for the Presidency ended, The Tea Party couldn’t really organize into something they could put a finger on, long lasting and defined but all those hard-fought movements saw a tremendous victory when Donald J. Trump got to the White House! Their vindication had come and they could finally see the fruits of their efforts! President Trump immediately started to implement a countless many of their policies: pro-Life, pro-Israel, ending the forever wars, rebuking China and Iran, rebuking the Washington DC establishment, “Draining the Swamp”, going after the enemies of the Republic and more! He was and is the Champion forty-years of movements fought to bring to power. In his wake so many of us got into politics, so many of us started to believe that there is hope for America to be saved, so many of us Patriot-Christians engaged in the battle anew. The truth is the American Revival has been slowly gaining speed for some forty-years now and it is not over yet! President Trump, the Champion of our movement, is still campaigning. A whole new generation of true Patriots just entered into politics! The GOP House has never fought against tyranny and for America first, the way they are right now! Corruption is being exposed at the highest levels. And every day we, as a movement, are winning the nation away from these radical progressive agenda’s, away from these globalists, away from those who would destroy our nation and empower the worst tyranny on a scale history has never seen before! The American Revival has actually begun and we are finally starting to win!!! Of course they will attack our Champion. They will fight dirty and unfair, in truth who really knows what kind of evil they are actually capable of!? They want to pass laws to murder babies now after they are already born! People who are capable of such atrocities have ignored their conscience for so long and have believed lies and deception so regularly there is no telling what they are capable of. But do not be afraid, do not doubt or become overwhelmed with the intensity of the battle. In the end, we will win the war.

Remember we are a part of a movement that goes back decades and we are not alone! The nation is waking up now. People are realizing that these radical agendas will destroy everything that is good about our United States. They will try to steal another election, without a doubt. But President Trump somehow got elected in 2016!? Against one of their most treasured leaders, nonetheless. All hope is not lost. This is just a frightening chapter of the story, a time wherein we need to engage more, not less. We need to be praying more, not less. We need to be more committed than ever before especially locally. We must win our local governments. We will celebrate thousands of victories locally as we continue to engage. Just watch. The victories are about to start pouring in! The American Revival has begun.

These are still the early years but soon the nation will be convinced This is happening.

We are winning our United States to a glory and a righteousness never before seen!

Do not grow weary in well doing

Do not falter or be dismayed… We are at the precipice of the Greatest American Revival in history! People will write books about this time for years to come… Pray. Find where you fit in. Engage. The Victory is ours!

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