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Reporting on Ukraine is Infuriating –

(A French Map of Ukraine dating long before 1930 when it was published on postcards- No matter how much they try and change history Crimea has been Ukraine for centuries.)

By Robert Anthony

May 23rd 2023

Who is telling the truth? There is something during war time commonly referred to as, “The Fog of War” - what that means is “It’s difficult to see what’s actually happening in the midst of an active conflict.” Who really has access to the truth? Of all the people reporting, who truly knows what's going on, who really has boots on the ground and accessed to such privileged information!? Outside of Ukraine, everyone has a political spin on this conflict. Let me repeat, Every global leader/nation in the world has their own individual view of the war in Ukraine. And this is a massive problem because everyone has an agenda and that agenda very well mean, it doesn’t benefit them to speak the truth. But at the end of the day what matters is, who has the best view of how to end the war!?

It's very hard to escape this simple fact, “Russia invaded Ukraine”. No matter how much spin, no matter how much deception and clever bending of reality it’s very hard to escape this fact, Russia invaded a sovereign nation.

In our country we have two basic narratives on the subject: 1. The Overwhelming Majority (Dems and Republicans) believe we need to be aiding Ukraine in their plight to rid their nation of the Russian aggressor and practically at all costs, including sending untold billions that we don’t actually have to fight Russia (more than likely leading to the declared start of WW3), 2. The conservative-right, especially much of our movement, is adamantly against the war to the point that many want us entirely out of the conflict, even betraying our relationship with Ukraine, dishonoring the agreement we made when we convinced them to get rid of all nuclear weapons (they had the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world after the fall of the Soviet Union), abandoning Ukraine without concern for the probability of Russia’s complete conquer and capture of their sovereign state. How can we not have empathy for Ukraine? Is it appropriate for us to suddenly befriend one of our most dedicated adversaries and hand them the riches of Ukraine on a silver platter? Perhaps Russia has grievances? But are we suddenly going to allow bullies to invade rivals throughout the world and simply look the other way? Next will be China invading Taiwan – and that will mark the formal start of the Third World War. Wisdom, prudence and common-decency would say, We want to convince Russia out of Ukraine without escalating the conflict. Let me remind my reader, Russia is the aggressor. No amount of spin is going to change this fact. If Ukraine had underground chemical labs, evil subversive operations running against Putin and Russia, if Russia truly has this intel of the globalists plan to use Ukraine to subvert Russian hegemony in the region, even removing Putin from power - Are we supposed to empathize with Russia, one of our longest running and greatest adversaries and allow them to trample at will the nations they desire to control and own!? Russia could have taken a variety of actions against Ukraine without invading even if these allegations prove to be their reason for military action.

Russia, China, Iran, etc. are at present our adversaries, do not be deceived my fellow Americans, this IS our fight. If we don’t take a stand today, it will be multiple times harder tomorrow. Now there are various ways to take a stand. Conventional warfare is absolutely a last resort and must remain so for the future of our nation and mankind at large. There are various ways to stand against adversaries and competitor regimes. But as it pertains to Ukraine, no one forced Russia’s hand into this invasion. All the spin in the world is not going to change this simple fact. Of course we do not want war but we also do not want to hand the world over to some of the most oppressive and frightful regimes ever to emerge in history, Do We?? Russia enables China, Russia and China empower Iran, Iran and Russia fuel China’s engine of dominance and oppression. Venezuela, Turkey and now Brazil, are all not only sympathetic but partnering with this unholy alliance. If we do not stand against them in Ukraine, they will become emboldened in Taiwan and throughout the South China Sea. If we do not hold back this darkness now and show them our resolve, they will have no fear in full-unconstrained conventional warfare against one of our greatest allies in the world, Israel! Iran is just waiting for a moment of weakness from the west so that they can face off with Israel, once and for all… and they have been preparing to do so more than two decades!

Ukraine should be something our nation can agree one for once. We have been looking for a unifying policy that can create a modicum of togetherness in DC, Ukraine should be towards the top of the list! Perhaps we can disagree on strategy and have those debates. Perhaps we can even attempt diplomacy with Russia, keeping lines of communication open with them, hearing their grievances and perhaps convincing them out of Ukraine, of course with reparations for the Ukrainian people... One would hope these things are happening behind closed doors. But the way it appears now, everyone is content to go to war!? And who is paying dearly for it? The precious people of Ukraine and to a lesser extent the civilian population of Russia.


What happened to the heart and soul of America? How can so many reporting the news (I should say spinning the news) do so with such callous and disregard for the precious people of Ukraine!? My Fellow Americans, Ukraine is an entirely Christian nation! They are younger than we are as a democracy but we actually have tremendous things in common with them. We can rehearse over and again the corruption throughout Ukraine’s past (as if our own nation wasn’t fraught with corruption in its founding)... But here is another irrefutable fact, President Zelensky won his election with an incredible and astounding margin (as high as 73%)! The Ukrainian people support and love this President. Ukraine was about to find some true prosperity and really hit its stride when Putin decided to invade (No. The Russian people did not decide to invade. There was no vote or consensus. One man decided his nation would invade their neighbor, a neighbor lets not forget, who is FULL OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!).

We don’t have to hate Putin to fight against him. We don’t have to agree with every single thing about Ukraine to support them. It is in America’s best interest to refuse Russia from its conquest. It is in America’s best interest to Stand with Ukraine and disallow this Russian aggression. Europe must stand with us, and by in large they are. Obviously, we would rather have good relations with Putin than adversarial – but as the expression goes, “It takes two to Tango…”

In my opinion, Russia is making terrible and desperate decisions right now, China too, Iran also – these nations are all actually having major economic, societal and political troubles because of their own poor choices. They, all three, are all desperately grasping for power when all three of their regimes, in truth, haven’t been weaker in perhaps a decade or more. America with its allies can shut down their energy incomes, America with its allies can absolutely destroy China’s economy and drag that nation into depression with the snap of a finger! President Trump had shifted the geopolitical landscape like no President has in generations and these competitor nations are responding, in kind, desperately.

I am a long-time minister and my heart goes out for people, even the wicked, I would like to see even the enemies of life and goodness find salvation because that is my faith. It’s easy for me to empathize even with the most corrupt among us. But these adversaries I am referring to are not merely the adversaries of America, they are the adversaries of life, and love, and justice, and beauty, and mankind at large. And by no means do I just give the west a pass. I am well aware of our shortcomings and the corruption that lies within our own borders. I would say to our adversaries, “If you can do it better than the West? If you can lead humanity and chart a course for the future of the families of the world better than we have in the past eighty years... BY ALL MEANS! Please do!! No one will rage against any nation who is out to bless their citizenry, collaborate with their neighboring countries and benefit the people of the world!?” To Russia I would say, “If Ukraine is so bad, expose them and show Europe and the world their evil or send missionaries into their midst to love them and change them with the good example of a Godly life! An invasion was never going to work out for any of us. You must find another way!” To China I would say, “Stop warring against your own people. Learn to govern without crushing the human spirit into subjection. Open your minds to freedom and truth, let those foundations reestablish your nation and trust in the eternal virtues of God and you will witness the greatest prosperity your nation has never even dreamt of before! Turn your hearts to love and away from the lie that is fear. China will become great if you do and your people will celebrate your leadership rather than living in sorrow, grief and constant fear.” To Iran I would say, “Forgive. Carrying around generations of an old grudge will only curse your nation and it’s families. Forgiveness is one of the great powers of God that truly sets men free. But bitterness also is a kind of power. Bitterness binds men in prisons with shackles and burdens exceedingly grievous – and in the end the weight thereof will certainly crush its bearer. Fathers must teach their sons to forgive the past offenses or generations will be cursed to live in anger and frustration for centuries, even millennia! You are an extremely blessed and gifted people who has been enslaved to this wicked ruler for long enough, it’s time to be free of this!”

Pray for Ukraine my fellow Americans. Pray for these precious people who did nothing to deserve this…. Pray for the Russian people who are being grabbed from the streets and at times thrown to the front lines! Pray for this wicked and purposeless war to end. Pray that Putin remembers that every man will stand before God and be held accountable for his actions. Pray that Zelensky hears miraculous solutions to stand up to Russia without provoking them to horrendous escalations. Pray for Biden that he has a real "Come to Jesus" moment and is empowered to deliver America, Ukraine and so many of our friends out of crisis, urgently! Pray for the miracle, brothers and sisters, pray that God delivers peace to the earth in a time wherein so many are content to war… Pray that God softens the hearts of the powers of the world and that they would learn a different way, even to disagree with respect and resolve conflict with dignity and even care… Pray for the Spirit of God to reign on all flesh And His love to be revealed in the earth… Pray for our own nation – that the whole of our politics changes entirely! Pray that Americans simply don’t want to fight with each other anymore… Even in our disagreeing… pray that the powers of the nation find a new way to negotiate, win, lose and compromise… Pray that God restores a heart and soul for our United States…. And if we never had a heart or soul before? Pray that God gives us one, urgently!! If not for our own sake, pray for the sake of our children…. Amen...? Much love friends. Contending ever so gently for the sake of the next generation, - Robert Anthony

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