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Prayer Remains the Only Way Out of This Complicated Mess (The War in Israel) –

By Robert Anthony

October 12, 2023

The utter hypocrisy of Iran and the Arab nations cannot be overstated. They pretend to sympathize with the Palestinian people but try and name one single thing they have done to help them in the past century or so? Not one (Iranian or Arab) nation has opened their borders to them, offering them a home and a citizenship, NOT ONE. Instead the Muslim-world uses these precious people as pawns, provoking them to rage, rehearsing the lie over and again, saying, “Israel is the cause of all your suffering”. In truth, Israel has been more sympathetic to their cause than maybe any people or nation in the world!

The British made sure this conflict would rage for generations. They could have departed Israel peacefully after WW1 or WW2, but they did not. They did a great job however, pitting the local indigenous people of what they deemed, “Palestine” against the Jewish people, who were fleeing Europe after the Holocaust, coming home, in search of safety and a nation. Books have been written on the subject. The British even refused the Jews for a time from entering Israel at the end of WW2!? What on earth were they thinking!? Where did they want them all to go?? Europe at large did not want them and they did not want to stick around after the atrocities they had just lived thru... They wanted their own home, they wanted to return to the land of their forefathers... Who among the nations helped them? No one. Not One Nation!

The truth be told, many of the people living in the Brit’s “Palestine” welcomed the Jewish return to the land. And Why? With the European Jews entrance into the Holy Land came also a great influx of new money, business with Europe, technology and some very talented people! Few will admit to the abject poverty that blanketed that British colony, "Palestine". Jerusalem was a dust heap, a forgotten and desolate wasteland! The Dead Sea Valley was totally barren, the precious and ancient ruins of the Holy Land were covered in centuries of war and sand and the glory that was Israel almost completely and utterly forgotten. It should be noted here that the Jews started returning to Israel as far back as the mid-1800’s! But after WW2 they were ready to make Israel once again their home, even the forgotten and desolate land.

Try and find a people who have been better to the Palestinians than the European Jews! The wealth and glory that came to these people (to the Muslim Palestinians but also to the Christian, Druze and Jewish Palestinians) since the return of the European Jews to Israel cannot be overstated. Practically overnight Israel and Jerusalem came to life. I have been to Bethlehem, Nablus (ancient Shechem), Jericho, East Jerusalem and several other Palestinian enclaves throughout my 6 months living in Israel – they are extremely blessed! Howbeit the refugee camps throughout Samaria are upsetting, but these also have a highly political and complex history, complicated to understand without some study.

My heart has always gone out to the Muslim-Palestinian people. But what has to be understood is that none of the Muslim nations care AT ALL about these people. With a little study any reasonable person without a political agenda would have to conclude: No People Have Cared Better for these Muslim-Palestinians than the Israeli-Jews! Where have ANY of the other Muslim nations been over the past century in helping them find a new life (if life in Israel is so bad)!? The whole of the Muslim world has only been interested in taking advantage of a hurting people by feeding their bitterness and generations of sorrow, arming them and using them as pawns to fight their battle against, really not even Israel, but the whole of the West in general. Study the past hundred years of Israeli history and try and come up with a reasonable argument to show otherwise…


But this is all Biblical. Behind the war against Israel was never merely Egypt or the Philistines, or Haman, or the Romans, or the Roman Catholic Church, or Hitler, or the Brits, or the Palestinians or Iran… God chose Israel long ago to be His and the enemy of God wants nothing more than to destroy God’s plans and His people. The dragon is rearing his defiled, wicked head once again to do all that he can to erase God’s chosen people from off the face of the earth. And God will once again stop him. This will continue to be the great and terrible drama unfolding upon the earth even unto the very last day.

I could sympathize with Iran or the Palestinians in the same way that I could sympathize with Judas the betrayer – but Jesus said, “It would have been better that this man had never been born”. I hope many reasonable Palestinians read this. I hope many reasonable Muslim’s of power and prominence read what I am writing to (re)consider these things. The enemy of this world was never a mere mortal. And he is using every tool and asset in his arsenal to accomplish his devilish and evil plot. Woe to any of us who would be an instrument in the hands of evil to fight against the goodness of God and His perfect plan of blessing the people of the earth! Woe to any man who would allow himself to be used of Satan to destroy the works of God.

“Israel, your God stands before you and is at your rear guard, watching your back! I have been praying that God would raise up a new generation of prophets, like the prophets of old who would call upon the Ruach Hakodesh and hear The Word of the Lord for His people. I have been praying that God would raise up unto Israel this day an Isaiah or a Samuel or even a Jeremiah. King Hezekiah called upon the name of the Lord, and there was repentance in his day and the Lord God fought for Israel against the Assyrians. I have been praying for a great faith in the Living God to return to the people of Israel in this late hour.”

Many of us have not stopped praying for the Jewish people, for the people of Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem and for a great revival to spread the land! Many of us will not stop praying until it is accomplished. God has pushed back this darkness before. We have thought it was the end before and yet God prevailed and gave us another generation to spread His light into the darkest reaches of the earth! God can do it again! I believe He is preparing a Great Move of His Love, Truth and Grace unto all the nations of the earth! Even here, at this late hour.

“I pray for wisdom for the leaders of Israel. I pray that they hear the voice of God and obey. I pray that God would come to their leaders like in the old times, in dreams and in visions to show them the future, to show them what they must do to prevail, first for Israel but also for all the peoples of the earth! I pray God would do miracles to show His way out of these horrors and bring a peace to Israel and Jerusalem that has never before been known! In His Holy Name I pray, Amen.”

Let there be peace in Israel and also Jerusalem, the apple of His eye… Amen.

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