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Looking Past the Narratives - For the Saving of The Nation

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

By Robert Anthony

June 5th 2023 The complexities facing our nation cannot be overstated. America is under attack and has been for a very long period of time. What makes this so very complex is that this sort of attack is subversive, it’s been happening quietly, in hidden places and methodically for decades.

The nation has been turning against Budweiser, Target, Lego, etc. boycotting them over their radical transgender and LGBTQ campaigns. But who really wins when these blue-chip American companies fall apart? I personally have not banked with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. for years now because of their pro-Globalist and pro-ESG policies. I won’t open any investment accounts with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. for the same reasons. I have had business plans and phenomenal ideas for tech start-ups but I won’t go into business with most of these Venture Capital companies, they are funding some of the most radical technologies that will forever change not only our world but the very essence of what it is to be a human. How can I support that?

I personally will not buy gold because it is competing directly with our US Dollar – in the future I might take a short position in gold or silver? but hoarding gold and silver is working directly against supporting our US Dollar and is therefore (even though my position is unpopular within our movement) UnPatriotic. It would be better to create jobs. I have written extensively on the subject (for more about this you can read thru the economic section of the site).

We as a movement are bailing out on our US Dollar, boycotting many of our American companies and ready to shut down our own government, refusing to raise the debt ceiling (I will speak to the debt ceiling issue in a moment) but is any of this going to work? Are we laboring to save the country or are we accidentally working in lock-step with our enemies to destroy it? Did you know that JP Morgan downgraded Target stock? But JP Morgan did so upwards of a week after calls to boycott Target, Target stock had already days to fall apart from the boycotting but it didn’t. So, then JP Morgan publicly downgraded the stock and made a spectacle of it so as to get much attention – in essence attacking the stock, making sure their prediction becomes reality. How many US Companies have been under assault the past few years? How many hedge funds, banks, VCs and investment houses have collapsed? Who was behind the great fall of Bernie Madoff? He was running that Ponzi scheme for close to three decades? Why all of the sudden was his scam made public – and during a time of tremendous economic crisis, I might add?

Let’s look at what is unfolding across our nation a different way than what is “The Narrative”.

Contrast what is happening in America with what is happening in China. Who holds China responsible? If some of their executives are “Cooking the Books” or running Madoff-esk Ponzi-schemes, who holds them publicly accountable? Well, as long as the CCP is getting their cut of the scam, the answer quite simply is No One - there is simply no one to hold the CCP accountable unless the nations who do business with them speak out. China will never police itself or bring a morality into its governance. They haven’t done so in 80 + years, why would they start now?

And as our nation divides it gets weaker, as Europe descends into war in Ukraine, as the Middle East flees from our western leadership, as South America spirals into the worst inflation maybe ever, who is the obvious winner? China.

Who is putting all this pressure on these companies to go Woke and follow these radical ESG policies? It isn’t a profit and loss statement provoking them to go woke, it’s not their board members or their shareholders! No Ad Agency or Marketing Executive in their right mind is going to turn an entire company to a radical LGBTQ agenda, servicing less than 1% of the American population, knowing that they are going to draw great controversy and the threat of boycott. Do we think for a moment that Anheuser-Busch didn’t calculate what bringing a drag queen on as their spokesperson would do to their stock!? They aren’t children running that company… there is no way they were surprised by America’s boycott of their products… Our nation is under attack from so many fronts it overwhelming: another one is our border! I watched a video yesterday of a dozen full-sized passenger buses picking migrants up in Panama, after they crossed thru the jungle and shuttling them to what is assumed to be the Mexican-US border!? And who is paying for all this? This is a highly-orchestrated, heavily-funded effort brought about by who!? (At least, I am happy to report some of the GOP Governors have started to send their state guard to Texas to help patrol the border. Not that New Mexico, Arizona or California will allow us to patrol their borders… but something is better than nothing.)

Will the world actually run to the BRICS nations to stave off global economic disaster? Another phenomenon is what is happening with these BRICS nations and their desire to compete with the US Dollar. There are reports that the Saudi’s want to join them!? If they do, UAE and many throughout the Muslim world will follow. Iran just reopened its embassy in Riyadh. As the Middle East continues to flee from Western leadership it is running into the arms of who..? China. Naval exercises were supposed to happen with the US Navy in the Persian Gulf with UAE, the Saudi’s and other gulf states but they together decided to join China’s Naval exercises instead. Iraq just decided to no longer deal in US Dollars for foreign trade. The Middle East is turning to China so quickly it’s mind-boggling.

China unleashed a virus on the world, whether by mistake or as an act of war, China gave Covid to the world. The controversy remains over who stole the 2020 election from the American people but there are many who still believe China was behind it. Let’s not forget a Chinese national was recently arrested and has pending litigation against him for his company Konnech and their mishandling of US Election data, which is all being stored on Chinese servers.

A recent Chinese scandal that is hardly being reported on are these Chinese Police stations littered throughout the US! How is it possible that so many of our nation’s security agencies have allowed this is transpire – I guess we should be thankful that something is now being done to stop them. I just read an article about Chinese “tourists” infiltrating several of our bases in Alaska, one of them was even caught with a drone in their car!? And don’t forget about the balloon that China flew over the whole of our nation, totally and completely unhindered.


Covid weakened our nation. Many of our supply lines are still not restored and much of our economy is still recovering. The withdrawal from Afghanistan weakened our nation, leaving billions of our military equipment behind and projecting incredible weakness as we practically fled. The war in Ukraine is weakening our nation as we dump billions of dollars and our military equipment to support them. Our border crisis is weakening our nation. Our boycotting of our American “blue-chip” companies is weakening our nation. Our abandoning the US Dollar for precious metals is weakening our nation. This woke agenda spreading our nation like a plague is weakening our nation. The increasing intensity of the war between the Dems and the GOP is weakening our nation. The Fracturing GOP is also weakening our nation. Distrust in our election system and the brokenness of the election system are both weakening our nation. The collapse and degradation of the traditional family is weakening our nation. And more…

What we currently have that still makes us strong is our military and our US Dollar. Our Dollar has never been more under attack, ever, since the founding of our nation. Our Military cannot fight a several front war in Europe (Ukraine/Russia), the Middle East (Israel, Iran) and in Asia (Taiwan, China). We used to be able to rely on our thriving middle class, small business and brick and mortar industries like oil, manufacturing, steel production, etc. but much of those industries have been shut down and exported to competitor nations (especially China).

We, the Patriots, seem to be incredibly out-numbered. The rich are some of the first to “head for the hills” – if you pay attention to Wall Street they have been betting against America for a while now, in favor of who? China. But it’s extremely short-sided. The rich still have children and grandchildren who will have to live in the world that they are creating… in China’s world that they are enabling to emerge. The ruling class elite could stand against the force that is China and rebuke their policies and economy – just imagine if our hedge funds, pensions and businesses all started pulling their assets out of China to invest in America and throughout our Allied and Partner Nations!? China’s economy is actually incredibly fragile. Without the US propping up their manufacturing and financial sectors, China implodes in months, totally bankrupt. President Trump revealed just how desperate they actually are… All hope is not lost. But if another decade goes by like this? If by 2033 we have not taken several bold steps to both uncouple our economy from China’s and pull away large percentages of US investment from their banking and finance industry, China will succeed in total global domination. The window to save the world from the most oppressive and destructive regime that could possibly rule the earth is closing.

Our leaders have voted to increase the debt ceiling. This next two years is unbelievably important to saving our economy so that we can be strong enough to stand against these powers: China, Russia, Iran, etc. I pray that they choose to spend this money on the saving of our nation, instead of its destruction: the Woke Agenda, ESG Scoring and other more oppressive laws that war against the soul and diminish the spirit of our nation. The increased debt ceiling has potential to work for us, for the American people but chances are they will squander it, use that debt to rape and pillage throughout the US economy and put our Treasury and US Dollar in the weakest and most desperate position ever since our founding.

We are still praying for an American Revival. All hope is not lost. We need our industry revived. We need our manufacturing and economic fundamentals revived. We need our schools and universities saved and revived. We need our leadership revived to American-Judeo-Christian ideals. We need a revival to our God-given traditional family values. We need a true Jesus-the-Salvation-of-America-Awakening. We will not be able to face this evil without immediate and supernatural help from our God.

This is truly our come to Jesus moment as a nation If we can’t rally together now, standing against our mutual enemies

Standing in solidarity as countryman and Patriots… Then all hope is lost… But I still believe in miracles… I still see that a New Golden Era for our United States could be born from these ashes!! Tell the politicians to stop fighting. They can disagree without hating. They can debate without rage and disgust. Loving our enemies still works! Jesus taught us this. If the leaders can show us the way? Maybe the nation will follow!? So far they have shown us political strife, back-biting, rage and bitterness. They have shown us what division and politicking can achieve. A new breed of leader needs to emerge, like immediately. I will share more. For the Saving of Our Nation!! - Robert

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