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Is Israel Going to War with Hezbollah this Week!?

By Robert Anthony and David Silver

Jun 27th 2024

We very well may be watching the formal beginning of WW3 starting.  I'm not trying to sound alarmist or fantastical but these are the facts: Israel just moved thousands of troops to their northern border, there are unconfirmed reports of Iran sending thousands of troops to Lebanon to support Hezbollah, there are videos emerging of at least hundreds of military vehicles and equipment (tanks, troops carriers, etc.) all headed to Israel's northern border.


We brought David Silver on to our show, All Politics is Local, to discuss what is unfolding this week.  If there was ever a time to be praying for Israel it is now.

David's Comment:  Facing a Major War With Hezbollah  

Since the Hamas massacre and the outbreak of war on October 7, life on Mt. Carmel has been very different and challenging for Josie and myself, as it has for everyone in Israel. The city of Haifa, which sits on Mt. Carmel, has not suffered any damage from rockets so far, but we have lived with the prospect of that changing at any time. We have heard many explosions which were rockets and drones being intercepted in the air, some distant and a few much closer, judging by the sound level. The number of rockets, mortars, anti-tank shells and drones that have been launched against Israel since the war began is now over 20,000, the majority in the north. About 80,000 residents of the north have been evacuated, living in hotels for months now, and an increasing number of their homes have been severely damaged. Many businesses have had to close down and the economy in the north is ruined.

For 8 months now, we have monitored and shared the news about the war with Hamas in Gaza, the soldiers operating in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), and the thousands of rockets that have been fired by Hezbollah and others terror groups from Lebanon and Syria. From the beginning we have prayed, and asked you to pray that a full scale war would not break out in the north with Hezbollah, as they have far more rockets which are much more sophisticated and powerful than the ones Hamas have, capable of reaching most of the country. Haifa, which has been spared so far, will become a primary target, as Haifa has the largest naval base and port in Israel, the only oil refinery in Israel, many fuel and chemical storage tanks, many factories that make advanced missiles and other military equipment, and a large power station, all of which the enemy knows the precise location of.

Hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah have steadily intensified over the last few weeks to the point that a full scale war could be initiated by either side at any time. Media is reporting verbal threats that the leaders of both sides are declaring against each other. Last week Hezbollah released video footage of all of the strategic sites that I mentioned in the previous paragraph - as a further threat against Haifa. They are also threatening Ben Gurion Airport, the Dimona nuclear facility and Ashdod port. The leaders of Iran have already declared that if Israel launches a full scale operation in the north, they will be involved. Life in the north and the rest of Israel could change very quickly and very dramatically at any time.

We are being warned to prepare supplies of food, water and medical items. Underground car parks are being prepared as emergency medical centers and safety shelters for residents, if war with Hezbollah breaks out and the north is hit by thousands of missiles. As well as causing a very high number of deaths and injuries to the residents, a massive missile attack on Haifa and the nearby towns has the potential to damage to homes, stores, businesses, fuel stations and public services like electricity, gas and water supplies. Many more soldiers may be injured and killed as they do their best to protect the country and attack the enemy.

In addition to all of the above, is the deep concern and heartfelt pain most Israelis feel for everyone who has lost loved ones or friends, for the seriously wounded soldiers and of course the remaining 120 hostages.The overall scenario for the days and weeks ahead is not good without supernatural intervention. The future of Israel and her people is in the hands of GOD, and in great need of His mercy. Your prayer support for us in the north and for all of Israel is imperative at this time, and greatly appreciated.

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