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David Silver (Out Of Zion) Updates us on Happenings in Israel

By American Revival Staff

April 16th 2024

David Silver updates us on the direct Iranian attack on the sovereign nation of Israel and other news pertaining to the war and situation in and around Israel.

Article Updated

6:25pm EST April 16th 2024

We received this article on Amir Tsarfati's Behold Israel site which shows Our God is still miraculously looking after Israel:

An Israeli scientist who works for the security system and is a doctor of physics wrote the following words to his Rabbi yesterday:

"I wanted to share with the rabbi something that is much more than a feeling. That on Shabbat night something happened here on the scale of the splitting of the Red Sea.

“I am a doctor of physics and I worked for several years in the defense industry in Israel, in projects that are still the cutting edge of the State of Israel. When I look at what happened on Saturday night on a scientific level, it simply cannot happen. Everyone, and I mean everyone, acted as one man in overall unity.

He continued: "The likelihood that everything works out just as it should does not exist in complex systems like the defense systems that were operating. They have never, I mean never, even beyond the State of Israel, been tried in real time. I took a pencil and dove into the calculations to check the likelihood that such a result would materialize.

“The large number of events that had to be handled at precisely the right time doubles the chance of making a mistake.

“With all the high technologies, the expectation was for a breach in the defense of the skies of the State of Israel. Even if we got 90% protection it would be a miracle. What happened though is that everyone, I mean everyone - the pilots, the system operators and the technology operators - acted as one man at one moment in total unity. If this is not an act of God, then I no longer know what a miracle is."

And the doctor marvels and adds, "This is sharper than the victory of the Six Day War or the War of Independence. There it can be explained according to nature. The rescue that took place for the people of Israel on Shabbat night is simply impossible naturally. I believe that this miracle saved the lives of many people from Israel. If the defense system had failed to intercept a number of cruise missiles, the result would have dragged us into a very complex campaign.

“I wouldn't bet that next time it will work like this without divine supervision. The simple proof of what I said is that the managers of the security industries who develop and manufacture these systems guarantee no more than 90% success!

"’Since the day you came out of the land of Egypt we have shown you wonderful things!’ Happy Holidays!"

That's how he ended his words.

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