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BREAKING NEWS! Rockets Firing on Israel from Lebanon Right Now!

Updated: Apr 12

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem is repeated throughout the Bible. God wants us to Bless Israel and today Israel's enemies have never been more closely aligned. The leaders of Hamas is right now in Lebanon meeting with the leader of Hezbollah, both groups are labeled terrorist organizations by the US government and many governments of the world. Pray that this is not the start of a new war in Israel. The last time this many rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel was the last Lebanon war in 2006.

Many of you are aware of the peril facing Israel right now. Let me recap: Hamas has been building up it's arsenal of rockets since 2006 supplied entirely by Iran. The big trouble with these new rockets is that they are mostly guided. The old rockets had no guidance system and had a very low rate of hitting any target. These new rockets are a dramatic improvement in technology supplied by Iran and will be able to seek and destroy targets in Israel. It is estimated that Hezbollah has Hundreds of Thousands of these rockets!

The past few days there has been rioting on the temple mount, the Israeli's have arrested around 400 people who are refusing to leave the Al Aqsa Mosque (se pic)

This is unfortunately a very regular occurrence at the temple mount. The Palestinians are known for terrorizing the Jews on their holy days especially; and then they pretend to be victims when the Israeli police come into the Temple Mount to protect the Jews. This regularly makes the fake news media, they often cover these stories to make the Israeli's look brutish and create a fake narrative that Israel is an apartheid state. They purposely leave out the fake that Israeli police also arrest Jews when they turn to violence on the Temple Mount. This latest provocation from Lebanon seems to be timed in lockstep with these protests/riots during Passover, one of the Jews most holy days of their religious calendar.

What is also concerning is that the Saudi's are in Beijing or at least were yesterday making peace accords with Iran, their sworn enemy. Saudi Arabia has been at war with Iran for at least ten years in Yemen and yet somehow China has brokered a peace deal with these two Muslim nations. Today or yesterday the Saudi's and Iranians agreed to complete peace, to exchange ambassadors, to resume flights to each others countries, to open trade, etc. Things almost could not be going worse for Israel at all their borders right now. (here is a picture of their nations officials in Beijing exchanging the agreement to sign:)

It hasn't been reported on our media but the war in Syria has suddenly been very active lately. Israel has been attacking many targets in the past few days throughout the Syrian capitol, Damascus. Remember that Iran uses Iraq and Syria as a thoroughfare, like their own terror-highway to Lebanon. They supply their proxy, Hezbollah thru Iraq and Syria but in Syria they have large weapons depots, manufacturing facilities and more. Iran has probably been the largest supporter of the Assad-regime in Damascus since the start of their civil war, Iran followed by Russia. Russia has had a constant military force in Syria basically since the start of their war because of Russia's military base on the Mediterranean Sea (Here is Putin givings remarks at that base on the Mediterranean:)

The Ukrainian war has been a stumbling block in Israeli/Russian relations. Since Netanyahu has returned to office he has been mending their Russian relationship but under the progressive liberal leadership Netanyahu received power from those ties were strained almost to a breaking point. Israel very clearly can not afford to burn bridges with Russia.

Our own Biden Administration has been consistently empowering and emboldening Iran. Iran is days, not weeks or months, but days away from having enough uranium to make its first nuclear bomb. Israel has said repeatedly they will not allow Iran to have the bomb. Iran has been very public about their goal to completely eradicate the Zionist Regime that leads Israel. They have been very outspoken about their plans to war with the Jewish state of Israel until Israel "is no more". And it was US policy under Trump, in agreement with Israel, to not allow Iran the bomb. The dramatic shift under Biden has completely changed the whole political landscape of the middle east, he accomplished this is a year or two. American was pushing back our enemies and the enemies of Israel, Trump made peace (The Abraham Accords) with many of Israel's former enemies but every day that is being undone. Worse of all by this China brokered peace deal between the Saudi's and Iranians.

Netanyahu's messaging has been very consistent on the subject: he will not allow Iran to have the bomb. In recent days their has been much talk of an Israeli preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities much like they did with Iraqi facilities in the 80's.

The Middle East is a powder keg like never before! War is starting on Iran's border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Many assume if Israel were to attack Iran it would be thru Azerbaijani bases. Armenia and Azerbaijan were at war last year and are about to go to war again. Again the US News media covers very little of this? I dont know why? It's possible history will look back on these years and say 2023 was really the year World War 3 started... if Israel and Lebanon go to war right now this very well could be the spark the ignites the whole of the middle east into conflict.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Pray for our faithful and loyal alley at the tip of the spear in the Middle East

Pray for Israel today! that God delivers them from their enemies. Amen.

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