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Biblical Archeology: The Ancient Site of Nineveh Proves the Bible True!

By American Revival Press Staff December 15th 2023

There are nearly no other accounts proving the existence of the ancient city of Nineveh outside of the Holy Bible. When Academics carelessly and arrogantly toss around the Holy Scriptures as if fable or folklore, their crediblity is immediately on the line. There remains no other book more accurately accounting the history of the ancient world, in fact nothing that even comes close to our Holy Bible!

Here we are again on our journey, rediscovering the wonders throughout the ancient world, throughout the Bible's ancient history and we are realizing how perfect the history recorded therein is actually! Hopefully you have taken the time to look into our articles about Noah's Ark, Gomorrah, Mount Sinai and the others! In this article we actually want to share a 30 min. youtube video explaining just how amazing what they found in the mid-1800's actually is! Because up until recently they have not been able to translate the Assyrian Cuniform - now we know just how perfectly accurate the word of God is!

In short, three main discoveries are discussed in this video: 1. The Assyrian King, Sennacherib, was never found anywhere in antiquity or any ancient records except for the Bible, not until they were recently able to translate the Cuniform! 2. The story told by the Assyrians on their walls is entirely supported by Israeli archeology and within the Biblical account, 3. What the Bible foretold with regards to the ancient city of Nineveh came true, entirely.

Enjoy this short video and we encourage you to read the story told by Isaiah the prophet in his book, Chapters 36 and 37, about Jerusalem's King Hezekiah facing off with the Assyrian King Sennacherib:


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