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Be Grateful for the Constitution, and Fight to Save It

by Catherine Saldago

Sept 20th 2023

Sept. 17th, was Constitution Day. It was a day to celebrate one of the greatest political and legal documents ever drafted, a document that changed the world. But the precious liberties guaranteed to us by that document are now under attack from every major institution in the US itself.

Thus we celebrate, both Sept. 17 and every day, how “We the people” formed a “more perfect union” to ensure “the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." But we must also consider seriously how we can stop globalists, Democrats, and their allies from imposing a tyranny worse than King George III could have hoped to exercise.

We Americans are blessed to live in what was once the greatest and freest country in the world. But we are not living in that same country anymore. We years ago ceased to have a true Republic, and at least since 2020 we seem to be living in an sort of oligarchy with a democratic veneer. Unless we check them, a group of authoritarians will finish establishing a dystopia like the one from which China suffers before the end of the next election. The US Constitution severely limited government for a reason.

In fact, we would do well to return strictly to the Constitution's form of government. Most of the current bloated federal government is unconstitutional; that is precisely why we are having our liberties taken away and why the country is in a downward spiral of incompetence, corruption, and failure. If we had kept the federal government within its bounds as the Founders envisioned, if it had never gotten involved in so many sectors where it has been a total disaster (e.g. healthcare and education), perhaps we wouldn't have a weaponized, horribly intrusive, and tyrannical federal government. COVID-19 lockdowns were disastrous, but they were only a preview of what could come.

Would-be dictators like Barack Obama and Joe Biden have flouted or violated the Constitution (though Democrats have been doing that since Andrew Jackson). The Democrat Governor of New Mexico recently announced her belief that Constitutional rights aren't "absolute" if she declares an emergency (thank you, COVID precedent). The Biden administration demanded that Big Tech trample free speech to suppress content the administration disliked. The federal government is imprisoning and torturing and indicting innocent people like Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 prisoners while criminal traitors inhabit the White House.

The Constitution was meant to protect us from such realities. It limited federal government, made it strong where necessary but placing careful restrictions. If someone attacks the Constitution or advocates a policy or program in violation of the Constitution, that person is immediately suspect. There is no such thing as a perfect form of government, but the Constitution established a very good form indeed. Those who have attempted to undermine the Constitution do it because they want to increase their own power or attack other people's rights. We must fight back against that in every way we can. In schools, in churches, at rallies, at work, on Election Day.

No one will fight for your liberty if you don’t think it is worth taking a risk for yourself. The Founders won because they took that risk with no guarantee of success. As Patrick Henry said, Give me liberty or give me death!

(Parts of this article were originally written for the Substack Pro Deo et Libertate.)


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