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An Open Letter to the LGBTQ Culture -

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

by Robert Anthony June 15th 2023

I really feel bad for the LGBTQ movement as a whole. They are being used and they don’t realize it yet.

These politicians DO NOT care about you or your plight. The truth is they need you, a lot! The radical left and the Democrat party as a whole has… “LOST THEIR GRASSROOTS ACTIVIST BASE”. Outside of your community they have been consistently losing their activists and they are totally aware of this. With your community they have in fact funding from an outspoken, ready to mobilize political army, ready to do their bidding – whether on social media, hounding corporate America, infiltrating local politics, bullying of opponents at will – this radical Democrat regime knows what they have in you and they will appease you for as long as you serve their best-interests. But do not kid yourselves for even a moment – they will toss you aside the moment you stop serving their political and power-agenda… I was raised around your culture. I lived in LA most of my life, growing up I had two gay uncles, certainly dozens of my friends came out and some went back into the closet over the past 20-something years of my life… I have been a friend to your community only showing you grace, empathy and love, for the whole of my life. I have a very close friend who has been out-of-the-closet now some twenty years – we went to Bible College together – He would certainly tell you, I have never judged him or made a case against his life choices only to warn him, as his life spiraled downhill with illicit sex and drug use that his life is so precious and remember that there are people who genuinely love him and care about him. I have heard many tell their stories, I have heard of how difficult your lives have been. I have a very good friend who runs an organization counseling and caring about your culture for more than 20 years! It grieves me how terribly so many of you have suffered and continue to suffer. And I am writing to you today because I do not see this radical political agenda as a means to end your suffering but rather, I continually see that it’s adding to it! Are your lives more content, peaceful and abundant? Are these political fights bringing your community more joy and connection with your neighbors and the various cultures around you or are you becoming more marginalized, isolated and alone? I would argue it’s the latter. When all is said and done, sometime, perhaps at the end of your lifetime, you will look back and realize this era of political warfare, when your people were used and abused by a political party for their ambitions and power-grab, you will regret your enabling of this destructive and dark agenda and wish you had never got involved. I have only seen my friends lives (my LGBTQ friends) plummet downhill over the past few years and it seems to be worsening with time. Allow me a little grace to say the following, “There is a good God in heaven. We will all meet Him when we die. But He is not angry and vengeful, He is not full of wrath, hellfire and damnation. He is long-suffering, full of hope, redemption and He is seated on a throne of Mercy! We will all be held to an account for our actions but all of these things will be weighed in the balance. For instance, the leaders, teachers, judges, rulers, rich and powerful will all be held to a much higher standard than the poor, orphaned, simple, broken and forgotten among us.” “The man drowning his sorrows at the bar who does not try to dominate anyone or dictate to anyone how they ought to live, who truly does no harm to his fellow man, will be judged with much more mercy and compassion than the clergyman who molests children and hides his sins every Sunday while preaching ‘salvation’. The Bible speaks much about judgment and true judgment: God’s judgment of the heart. And, of course, the testimony of Christ Jesus, the Messiah, is the absolute answer for redemption and our escape from all judgment. I pray we all look into these things and carefully consider them. Again, we only have one life and then the judgment.” “I have long said that we will be surprised by two things: 1. Who makes it into heaven! We will be amazed at God’s mercy and compassion and for all of eternity we will celebrate just how Perfect His love truly is! And 2. We will be shocked by who didn’t make it into heaven! God will reveal the hearts and intentions of man come that day and not one cunning or clever man will be able to hide who he truly is from God. Maybe they tricked us!? Maybe they did a great job making us think they were righteous and to be admired? But all these things will be revealed before His throne and the truth will be known.” The truth about God is that He draws near to us in our suffering. Oftentimes we are trying to avoid feeling this pain so we turn to drugs, illicit sex, we bury ourselves in work or business, we busy our lives with political activism and every cause we can find to keep our minds off of the fact that we are hurting and that this world is broken! Finally, when we stop and rest, when we allow ourselves a moment of quiet and calm, all those buried feelings and hurts that we have been ignoring, they start to come up to the surface… and what then? Do we run back to all those medications, temporary escapes and complications to hide from the pain again!? God forbid. I didn’t mean to get into much of this – I only sat down to write you a letter to speak to the things neither “side” will say. I hope you hear me, “You are loved. You are not forgotten. There is a God in heaven who made you and knows you thru and thru. He wants to bring you peace and bless your life. Run from everyone who wants to load you up with bitterness, deception, rage, hatred and fear. Those things of darkness will not produce any kind of reward for our lives – but only a curse. Run from everyone who would use you for their advantage but offer nothing but bondage and devastation in return.” I pray you look again with sober and sincere eyes at the reality of the politicians/activists hijacking your culture. In the end they will only succeed in driving a wedge between you and the rest of society for generations to come. I pray you consider this message and reconsider the politics at war with you... Seek freedom. And in seeking freedom you will set others free with you. But there is no freedom in bitterness, a lifetime of anger and frustration, destroying oneself with drugs and alcohol, living in isolation and fear. True freedom is the freedom of the spirit and soul, at peace, content, even in our efforts to love the world around us, immovable and full of joy! And these things all come freely from the Father in heaven who labors to set His children free! I pray this message finds you well. With the utmost love and Godly-affection, - Robert Anthony

After we published this, I ended up doing a pretty awesome interview on this topic. It may be hard for some LGBTQ and even the Christians to watch at times because I am giving a very different narrative than what is generally accepted. But try to watch until the end - there are a couple surprises right at the end -

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