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All J6’ers will receive 1 Million Tax-Free US Dollars!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

We are calling upon Congress to enact the following legislation:

We are calling for the immediate release of the January 6th Political Prisoners. The evidence is overwhelming that the federal government was actively involved in provoking and even encouraging the entry and destruction to our own Capitol Building. If there were crimes committed the collusion and entrapment of the federal government has made those crimes impossible to prosecute.

Therefore we are calling on every single so-called, J6 Prisoner to receive 1 Million Tax-Free Dollars for themselves and each of their immediate family members for the injustice of their political imprisonment by the US Government. Every J6 Prisoner who was denied their lawful rights, denied bail, denied due process and spent over 90 days in prison will receive an additional 1 Million Tax-Free US Dollars for themselves and each of their family members.

This entire plot was political in nature and fraught with deception, cover-up, malice and intent to do harm to a political movement within the Free United States of America. There was no actual sincerity of law in these Congressional hearings, neither in the Federal Government’s handling of the case. They hid large amounts of evidence: evidence that would have freed most if not all of these J6 prisoners from the very start of the process. The federal government had agents and law enforcement actually encouraging them entry into the Capitol Building and vast portions of the prosecuting governments record has been fraught with lies and deceit: making a mockery of our system of justice.

We the people are furthermore calling on The Department of Justice, or a Federal Grand Jury to carry out hearings against those perpetrators of this crime against the American People. Every single government employee, elected politician or hired staff in this travesty must be brought up on charges for using the American Justice system as a weapon against their political rivals. The magnitude of this injustice has never been seen in US History – and must never be allowed to happen again. Those criminals involved with its creation and operation must receive their due reward/judgment and sentence. And the political pawns, these American Citizens, who in large part were invited into the Capitol on that day, will receive severance for the pain and suffering inflicted upon their families, friends, wives and children.

We call for their immediate release and a good-faith deposit of $100,000 to be immediately deposited into each of their accounts from our US Treasury.

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Apr 18, 2023

While this is a noble gesture and those wrongly imprisoned should receive justice with monetary compensation, remember this money comes from taxpayers, not the government money tree! No amount of money could ever make this right but a million per person is unrealistic.

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