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A Letter to the Families of America -

by Robert Anthony It would be a much longer letter for me to give my perspective on “how we got here” in the first place but the power-brokers, ruling class elites, government strong-men and billionaires have suddenly given up on humanity at large. Transhumanism, Transexualism, AI, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Leaving Earth for New Worlds, Quantum Computing, CERNs Large Hadron Collider, Corporations without Accountability, Vaccines, Chinas CRISPR Tech, Genetically Modified Foods, Genetically Modified Animals, Genetically Modified Embryos, Economic Crisis, Supply Line Problems, Extreme Weather, Fearful Signs in the Stars, Radical Extremes within Politics, the War against the Traditional Family, and more, are making it a fearful and difficult world to navigate, to say the least. I personally have four young children I am raising in this world.

What was so horrible about the world that we have to change everything all the sudden? Maybe these power-hungry billionaires and elites were simply never loved? Never shown the beauty of life? Maybe they live in a dark and miserable, lonely world wherein they lost their hearts and souls before they were even given a chance to live!? The world is broken and ugly and troubled, and always has been, I suppose. But the few things of beauty and life, even humanity itself, these ruling class elites have just declared war against, like never before. Innocence was taken from the world throughout World War 2 and into the 1960’s. A whole generation became afraid and in the name of silencing their fears they advanced policies, inventions and agenda’s that forever changed America and the world. It’s frightening what fear can drive a man or a society to do.

The old world is gone. Covid has changed everything and a new world is emerging, very fast. How will we as fathers (and mothers) navigate all this? I was a preacher for many years and so, naturally, I am going to talk about prayer, giving our lives back to God through His Son Jesus Christ, naturally I am going to preach about God’s plans to save us, etc. But for those of you who are still hurt by religion, and/or still indoctrinated by a bad science or false truths, and/or content to refuse seeking out the God of love and eternity, I will make a few suggestions before I preach to you all too much.

My neighbor died during Covid, not because of Covid but because he was exceptionally alone and was content to live this way for years. I know a young man (in his 30’s) who lived a few miles away who died during Covid, not because of Covid but because he had many other health problems on account of his poor lifestyle choices and he lived an exceptionally lonely and miserable life. I have family members whose health plummeted downhill during Covid, not because of Covid but because they were not leaving the house and enjoying life, probably the stresses of the Covid-era lock-downs added to that – and their health went horribly downhill, one family member almost mysteriously died from blood clots and she didn’t even have Covid!

I have several friends with young families whose marriages plummeted downhill during Covid. I have several friends who divorced over the past few years, even Christian friends whose families were textbook in many ways of what a successful family looks life. Times were hard during Covid but the economy was still decent and then they gave us all so much money. What would happen to our American families during a crisis if the economy was bad? I’m coming to my point...

We can not live as if in a fantasy. And I know many of us are looking for an escape. Drug and Alcohol use sky-rocketed during Covid. Many of us want to escape this reality. I know many times during Covid lock downs I binged on a few sci-fi series, watching at times for several hours a day. My families number one problem during Covid is that we had just moved, we had left Vegas for Colorado and then Colorado for Washington DC, Covid showed up a few weeks after we got to DC. And then we moved to Michigan to get out of the city and closer to family, well, for many reasons, and mostly because of prayer.

The point I’m trying to make is, I don’t know how the families throughout the big cities are going to survive the years ahead. We had a very different experience of Covid and the crazy past few years because we moved to a small town more than an hour from the nearest big city. As this world, the global economy and our nation continues to change the big cities are going to feel it the worst. The riots we saw during Covid are only a precursor of the things that are ahead. Again, unless there is a significant spiritual change in this nation, the cities will continue to implode on themselves. The decay of Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, etc. will only multiply exponentially over the years ahead.

I would personally love to come into LA, a place where I lived for more than a decade of my life and comfort the poor, sooth the hurting homeless population, bring peace to the gang infested neighborhoods and reform the prisoners – I would love to be a force of change and love in many of our big cities. But I have tried for years! literally YEARS! And every step of the way, a state government stopped my work, a church stopped supporting something we were doing, a pastor wanted to “take the church a different direction”, some government agency wouldn’t work with a faith-based program, etc. I will say we did have many good experiences in Vegas... many throughout Vegas (governments, churches, business people, etc.) allowed us to do our good works in their communities. But for the most part, the cities of America are at war with their own people – par for the course in the world we are living in.

Dads and Moms need to be thinking very differently and right away. I would again encourage my audience to pray! Honestly, I'm not encouraging you into a merely religious life (Remember I wrote the book, “Jesus did not start a Religion”), moreso I am encouraging you to find God for yourself! He will answer if you call upon His holy name! If you don’t want to pray… and let me say, I have never figured out how to live this life without prayer… I would encourage you to do an audit of your life for the years that lie ahead. Do you want to raise your family in that city? Those suburbs? That small town? Are you really going to keep that job where you reside as the world loses its mind!? It’s not going to stop anytime soon... It’s time to take an account.

I would say we could lean on our families for support except my family mostly suffered worse than I did throughout this difficult time. A few of my family members chose to stay full of love and even though we don’t agree on everything, they chose to love anyway. But there were plenty of very challenging things that happened and are still happening. The brother closest in age to me has completely broken off communication and refuses to work thru whatever it is bothering him. That really grieves me because I love him so much. Dads and Moms, you are going to have to look to those precious children of yours and your immediate family and lead them through this mess.

Dads, be especially patient and kind to your wives. Be attentive and spend time with the kids. Turn off the TV sometimes and just talk, and listen. Moms, try to understand how hard this is on us, Dads. We are far from perfect but we are trying to deal with a lot, we want to protect you and the kids and we don’t always know what to do. Just know, as imperfect as we are, we actually do love you the very best we can! Kids, there is a God who loves you! He never wanted the world to end up like this. It was never His plan. He created us to live in a garden, with Him, without sickness or disease, without death or divorce, in paradise. God gave us paradise and then we ruined it… but don’t worry our God is going to fix everything we destroyed. Soon enough.

I wish I could say it’s going to be easy. But it just won’t. It’s going to be challenging not to let our fears overcome us. It’s going to take a lot of faith and hope and love to endure through all of this and I don’t know how it’s possible without an actual relationship with God? The things that are unfolding upon the earth are about to get even more intense. The alien deception has only just begun. The technologies they have and are developing to go into a “quantum” realm(s)… the Bible has long known about this - and we are not supposed to go there, Period. They are playing around with powers that they were never supposed to toy with – just like they did before the flood (read my series about Transhumanism in the Bible). But, especially as parents, through it all, we must find the way thru this crazy time upon the earth!

In closing I will preach: God has a plan! The Bible makes it very clear and in plain language declares “God has a plan to get us through these last days of temptation and trial.” God has always told us that He will not allow this broken world to continue forever. He put a timeline on the world so we wouldn’t always have to live without Him. He allowed death because without death we would have lived broken forever. Something to consider. Death was a mercy for us. Can you imagine living in this broken world, with all its pain and suffering forever!? So God capped it. He drew a line in the sand and said, “No further than this.” It’s always been His plan to restore us to the garden, to bring us back to paradise. And everything is happening exactly as He said it would.

We are going to need friends. We are going to need friends and neighbors and people around us who think like us, who want freedom and beauty and God and family… We are not going to be able to do this alone! But it’s better to be alone than marry into godlessness, tyranny and bondage. If our closest relationships (excluding marriage) war against the beauty of life, the freedoms God gave us, the love that comes only from Him and all the benefits found in our Heavenly Father – we must flee those relationships! They are going to drag us down and into the pit. “What union has light with the darkness”.

We are preparing for the final push, the final years before we all meet God. Surreal to be writing that but it’s true. Everything the Bible has declared to us about the end of this age is coming to pass right now, literally everything. It’s time to take an account of our lives, pray, fast, seek God like never before and get the answers we need, even the answers our wives and children need us to get! Men and brothers, this could be our finest hour! We could finally become the men we always wanted to be – here at the end of the world. But it’s our choice. God isn’t going to make it for us.

We have brothers. Our wives have sisters. But first we must pray and get answers because God’s plans are still The Best! We might even have good plans but God’s are Miraculous!!! I hope this little “wake up call” encourages some of you. Some of you reading this should forward it to your friends or other people you love. Time to get ready for not only the most amazing ending to any story ever written but also for Revival!! God promised this Revival!! And He never breaks a promise. Time to prepare ourselves. It’s going to be an amazing ride. The Best Ending to any story ever written! Hold on to your seats...

The roller coaster is nearing the peak before it drops!! There's a wild wild ride ahead of us... Im speaking the truth with love,

Hoping to encourage you,

More to come, Robert

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Apr 29, 2023

In your opening paragraph, you missed a few crisis's happening as we speak. You could have wrote 3 more paragraphs and still not covered them all. You wait and see what God is going to allowed us good people in this fight for humanity's sake to speak nothing but truth bombs and the evil ones will be taken out and those left , all believers and non none believers will drop to their knees asking for Jesus to help them change their ways and follow our Lord. Our reality as we now believe it to be will be completely different forever. Love will prevail . Gary Garrison


Apr 19, 2023

I like that you delivered these words through your heart. Tony.

Replying to

That's a wonderful compliment. I do mean it, Tony. I hope you felt encouraged. I was encouraged writing it... Robert.


Apr 18, 2023

Amen, Brother Robert!

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