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What They are Doing to Our President (Trump) is Criminal and Worse!

They stole 2020 from us. They have been abusing our President for about eight years now. They started inn 2015 when he decided to run. They want to destroy the constitution and give the nation over to the globalists, WEF and China - who will benefit more than anyone! When you say "Globalist" understand what you are saying is CHINA. China stands to benefit more than any regime on earth should America fall - as it is under this radical progressive Dem-led government. This is not over. The reckoning is coming. We have ALL the evidence and will be revealing more in the days ahead. They stole this government from us. We are pitted against sleeping and fearful lifelong GOPers, the most radical progressive Democrats ever in our nation and Big Business but God is on our side... The biggest fight ever for our nation has started and will continue throughout this summer. This is our summer of victory! They will not take down our President. He will not spend one day in jail. Everything they have done is about to be made known and many of these politician-criminals will end up in jail. This is the fight for the future of the world, here in these United States. We must win. We will win. God is with us.


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