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The Future is DIMMING FOR the FBI

by AR Press Staff

July 17th 2023

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was created almost 115 years ago, to the date, July 26th 1908 under the leadership of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. The FBI was originally not so much as a policing unit as it was an investigative unit under the Department of Justice, working with more local policing bodies to enforce the law. Of course the CIA was only established immediately following World War 2 and the NSA in the mid to late 50's, so the FBI, among all the three-letter agencies, boasts seniority.

Over the past eight or so decades, with government spending exploding into what it is today, the FBI (and it's CIA/NSA younger cousins) has been able to expand certainly beyond what Roosevelt could have possibly imagined. Approximately 35,000 people are currently employed by the FBI (the NSA publicly acknowledges a 32,000 strong workforce and CIA does not publicly acknowledge it's workforce numbers), I doubt anyone involved with its creation could have guessed what would become it's budget and capabilities!?

The FBI has been caught in a series of scandals recently that are all boiling to the surface and are being made public now by the House of Representatives; like the FBI's direct involvement with the allegation that President Trump had an on-going relationship "colluding" with Russia for the White House. The now infamous 500-page "Muller-report" gave clear insight into the FBI's role in the scandal but stopped short of referring criminal charges or really any disciplinary action, for that matter. Congress has now taken up the charge to expose the once impenetrable moral-force that was the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We are also trying to understand the FBI's relocation of their DC headquarters. They are looking at buying a piece of property three times the size of the Pentagon. What exactly are the plans of the FBI when you consider the IRS just requested hiring 87,000 new agents and loads of guns and ammo.!? This is not conspiracy theory but a matter of public record. It doesn't seem like the FBI has immediate plans to staff their potential property to the extent of the Pentagon but... then again, why purchase a property with the potential to scale to such an extent!? Here's a good and accurate article on the subject:

I have watched nearly all of these short videos. Our GOP Congressional Rep's are demanding answers of Christopher Wray, the FBI's current Director, publicly, for the American People. Hopefully the federal government is soon awakened to who they are supposed to be protecting. (Hint: it isn't a ruling billionaire-class and political elite.)

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