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The Days Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

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Jesus, when asked by His disciples what are the signs of the end of this age, told them about many fearful things but then said, “This is only the beginning of sorrows” – another gospel calls this “The Births Pangs”. I am of the opinion that something happened 9/11, 2001. The Lord woke me up that morning quite dramatically, I will never forget it. My alarm clock radio was going off and some woman was practically yelling, “America is under attack!” I was half asleep thinking, “How on earth is my alarm clock radio on!?” What was even stranger was that it was in the off position!? While listening to this woman quite upset about America under attack, I was trying to figure out how the dang alarm-clock radio was even on!? Finally, I had to turn it on and then back off again to finally get the thing quiet!

I sat there for a moment and thought, ‘could this lady be telling the truth!?’ I thought it was like a ‘War of the Worlds’ segment or some dramatic reading. Finally, I decided to go to my room-mates room, I watch TV at the time and was taking a break from screens and entertainment in that season of life, my roommate had the cable-TV in his room. He opened his door with a look of shock and awe, he had been watching the news. We stood there together and watched the second plane fly into that second tower. It was like waking to a nightmare. I still wasn’t fully awake and still dazed from how the alarm clock (that I never used) woke me up while technically turned off!?

Throughout that day the Lord was speaking to me a lot. And what I kept hearing was things like, “Everything just changed” and “You will remember this day forever” and “I am using this event to get the whole worlds attention” and finally, “This is the beginning of sorrows, the beginning of the birth pains”. I read much of the book of Revelation throughout the day and what the Lord showed me some 22 years ago continues to be proven true.

“The Beginning of Sorrows” to me, refers to the time period before the very end. In this time period the Lord will be getting the whole world’s attention, practically pleading with everyone, saying, “Return to me. I never intended for you all to live this way. You were supposed to be in a garden, living with me, sinless, in abundance, full of joy!” Hebrews 12 (25-29) prophesy’s that God will once more shake the earth but not the earth only, now the heavens also! God is going to shake everything and do everything in His power to remind us, “I never intended for you to live this way. I am going to restore everything. I am going to fix all of this.” But we have to return to Him. We have to want Him. He isn’t going to force us.

These “birth pangs/pains” are used metaphorically by Jesus to describe the world leading up to the end, much the way that a woman pains, terribly sometimes, before she actually goes into labor. My wife in fact had three days of horrible contractions, very painful, with our first child and then finally the labor. The labor was actually rather fast but the contractions leading up to the labor were in many ways harder. They started slowly, the pain increased as the time went by, then they became closer together and increased in intensity and pain. I think this is the absolute perfect metaphor for what we are living thru right now. As time progresses the intensity increases both in magnitude of the events and in the amount of suffering. What was happening a few times a year in the early 2000’s is now happening almost weekly and with greater calamity. The weather, the politics, the wars and rumors of wars, the world turning to strife and disagreement, plagues, Covid-19, famines, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. it’s all increasing as time progresses through these last days.

If you overlay Revelation Chapter 6 with Jesus’ discussion in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 about the birth pains/pangs, there seems to be a congruency and similar prophecy. The first horseman of the Apocalypse (as they are sometimes referred to) comes to conquer, the second horse and its rider comes to take peace from the earth, the third horseman attacks the economics and food supply, while the fourth horseman brings death to the earth. Is this not exactly the world we are living in? I am old enough to remember the world before 9/11. Trust me it was very different.

In the world pre-9/11 we hardly discussed most of the things regularly on our minds today: the end of the world, aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theory, WW3, etc. these things were simply fringe and had no effect on most of our lives. If we talked about the end of the world, we talked about it as if way off in the future for another generation, perhaps our children’s or our children’s-children’s generation? These last days Biblical events simply weren’t happening, not in frequency and not in enough intensity to provoke us to think, “Jesus is coming back so soon!” But all that changed with 9/11. The years following 9/11: wars and rumors of wars, tsunami’s, earthquakes, year after year after year, more calamity and strife throughout the nations. And now, post-Covid, it’s worse than ever. And ALL these things were prophesied a long time before we were born, to live in this time, having front-seats to witness the end of this age. It’s incredible even to be writing the words.

I personally believe the fourth horseman has been unleashed. I believe that is what we experienced as Covid and then that vaccine galloped across the earth. Revelation warns us of “sorcery” several times. And what is sorcery? And why is it important when dialoging about Covid and vaccines? Have you ever watched a children’s Disney film and the witch comes to the screen with a boiling black cauldron of some brew and we see her adding a bat into the pot with some purple bubbling liquid that gives off a small explosion!? Well, that is Biblically called sorcery. Our world would probably call that a potion? But the Bible would refer to that as sorcery which is a form of witchcraft but different in that one would be creating something like a drug or potion, literally translated, “The Divining of Roots”. The Greek word for sorcery that the Bible translates from is pharmakia. And yes, it is from this pharmakia that we derive our word pharmacy. Well, isn’t that what a pharmacy is? Making potions that we ingest - the “divining of roots”? Revelation warns us that death will be unleashed upon the earth but also that man will turn to sorcery/pharmakia to combat it (Revelation 9)!? This was written 2000 years ago!! Wow! How amazingly accurate is the Bible!

In eternity perhaps we will be asked, “So where were you at the end of the world?” Perhaps they will find out we were alive in these times, perhaps in eternity we will be much more aware of what an amazing and important time to be alive? And what will we be able to say we were doing throughout these years? Were we busy trying to convince the world to righteousness? Or did we hide out in our bunkers, with our stockpiles of guns, food and gold bullion!? (I jest a little.) There has never been a better time to shine than right now! There has never been a better time to know our God and Father than 2023! God wants to bring salvation to the earth! He always has. That has always been His heart. And what if no one is interested???

What if we are all so busy trying to find our own salvation? Building spaceships to the stars, amassing armies and arsenals, getting ready for WW3, stockpiling savings accounts, gold and silver and doing everything we can to make sure we are going to survive… But who is seeking their God? In times like these, with eternity at our doors, it might be more important to prepare our hearts and souls meet our God, face to face… wouldn’t you think? But instead we run to the stores and stock pile toilet paper… toilet paper of all things!?

If we leave our Father, the truth is, there is plenty to fear. But with our God… death has no victory, this world can not overcome us, we are free from the law of sin and death! The most triumphant ending to any story ever is unfolding upon the earth. And God has to shake everything. It’s the only way to get our attention. When times are good it’s business as usual. God has to shake us out of our slumber so we finally consider these things. Now some will only harden their hearts but many will turn away from these things of sin and corruption and they will find the salvation of the Lord! The truth is, these four horsemen are helping us to find our way back to God, before it is too late.

At the end of this age, everything changes. The die is cast and then the judgment. This is our time to give our lives for a purpose, for a heavenly and everlasting purpose. We won’t have another shot at this. We get one life. One life to offer as a living sacrifice to our God before heaven, to show Him we love Him and we love His people. I pray this message encourages you. I pray you are not filled with shame or guilt but instead Hope - that you remember the goodness of God and return to Him, or if you are already with Him, I pray that this message inspires your faith and provokes you to live for Christ like you’ve never lived before!!

A Great Victory is ahead for us!!

Now is the time to believe!!

There’s never been a better time to walk with God then right now

Here… at the world’s end.

I hope you are blessed by this…

Much love to the saints,

You shine God’s light

And you keep the darkness at bay!!

More to come… In fact, The Best is yet to Come!!

- Robert Anthony

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