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We Might Be Prophets at AR PRESS!? #TRUMP4SPEAKER (Part Two)

By Robert Anthony

Oct 4th 2023

If you read our last article? You might be amazed by our foresight on the matter? Truly we are simply seeing this is perhaps The Best Path to saving the nation. Who among Congress can stand against this evil? Who is able to restore our broken election system, knowing that "they" will fight against us every step of the way!? Ex-Speaker McCarthy had a very very tough job to do. And we are not mad at him over here, it's just that he isn't the man for the hour. We need a Patriot Leader who is willing to take blows when they are thrown, who is willing to stand against absolute tyranny, unwavering. We need a true Champion leading the GOP-controlled House! The biggest issues facing our nation: the J6 political prisoners, the southern border, the Biden crime family, shutting down US Energy, raising interest rates, stopping the war in Ukraine and more than anything The Broken Election System, Speaker McCarthy seemed almost powerless to correct. If President Trump is willing to agree to these terms upfront, and I can almost guarantee you that he is, we would have our Champion! President Trump has been tested and proven to be a true Patriot for the American people! Who else among the field of possible Speaker-candidates can we say that about without flinching? Rep. Matt Gaetz has done a wonderful job and in many ways I would support a run for him to Speakership. However, President Trump would be my #1 choice. I would worry about Rep Gaetz that simple things like jealousy and envy would often stand in his way. Rallying basically the whole of the Republican Party together right now is going to require some real magic. The fact that so much of the nation supports President Trump could make it easier for him to accomplish such a heavy lift!

My advice to the House would be: Respectfully write up what you are asking of the President. Write the same kind of expectations down that you wrote for Speaker McCarthy, leaving nothing out. The House can agree to this document together and finally rally as a whole behind the same vision! It's very very important to cast a vision for how we are going to save this nation, immediately, 2023, like YESTERDAY! And in my humble opinion, again, RESTORING FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS MUST BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!

Here are a few great videos if you aren't totally up to speed on all this news:

Here are some of the many Congressman rallying behind #Trump4Speaker:


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