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We Endorse Ben Carson for President Trumps, VP

By Robert Anthony

Feb 1st 2023


The unwavering post Ben Carson took by the President’s side thru all these trials and tests have made Carson a tried and true, proven ally and asset to the President.  His calm, high level intelligence and quiet-fearlessness make Ben Carson the perfect choice to lead this nation at it's second highest position in our government.  Trump and Carson share practically the same world-view, hold to the same policies and believe whole-heartedly in a better and united America! Together there is no telling what they would accomplish for us!


Ben Carson’s life experiences and ability to overcome make him especially suited as VP “for such a time as this”.   The country has never been more divided and as they say, “Cooler heads prevail”.  I could not imagine a war-hawk, alpha-male, ambitious-aggressor by the President’s side with the country at such odds.  Many would try to force a false unity with a hammer or mallet when the moment actually calls an anthem and a new song – something beautiful: full of kindness, dignity and patience – a new movement full of spirit and hope!  I believe Mr. Carson possesses this unique blend of strength, wisdom, poise and grace.


While President Trump knows the culture of Wall Street, Big Business, Elite-Ruling-Titans of Industry and Government – Mr. Carson’s rig-to-riches story coming out of the inner-city and navigating the complexities of success in America without generations of wealth and reputation for promotion and advancement make him uniquely positioned to win the hearts of a great majority of the nation!  Everyone loves an underdog story, especially when it involved a happy ending!


Mr. Carson’s family and marriage make him a poster-child example of what is possible for a man who chooses to do good, to bless and not curse, to work hard and continually hold to hope, beyond all odds!  The wealth of real-life experiences, achievements and knowledge would benefit President Trump’s White House in ways difficult to be measured, but certainly in eternity would be found out. 

The heart and soul of America is what is truly under attack.  Remove the love of men, the love men could have for their fellow Americans, even those “on the other side of the aisle” and eventually the division will lead to violent conflict and an irreconcilable chasm that can never be reunited.  A man who knows how to convince his wife of his true love year after year, thru the difficulties of life, thru trials and temptation, has learned the invaluable things required for good relationships: the deeper matters of love, patience, forgiveness, long-suffering and joy!


World War 3 would be an absolute eventuality with a war-hawk, establishment politician or soldier by the President’s side. It has been written, “A Gentle Answer turns away wrath” (Proverbs of Solomon 15:1).  Everyone loses in war.  We must not callously encourage or provoke the nations to war, we must strive for peace.  Mr Carson understands our unique and vital relationship with Israel and supporting their plight – he would strive to bring a sustainable peace to the Middle East and beyond.


Mr Carson’s background as a doctor make him particularly equipped to overhaul our nation’s health system.  As the former head of HUD he has intimate knowledge with much of our nation’s infrastructure and the immediate and long-term demands for rebuilding our aging and deteriorating cities, hospitals, roads, airports, military bases and more.  He stood by President Trump’s side shutting down the border and striving to fix our broken immigration system.  And Mr Carson would fight for small-business, employing more than 50% of our nation’s work force, which has also been the fastest growing employment sector in the nation for more than 15 years!


Finally, Mr Carson would stand up to our adversaries, he is an outspoken critic of China especially and their reckless ambitions throughout the far-east and beyond.  But Carson is not an advocate of the forever-wars: Iraq, Afghanistan and the likes. What a perfect blend of vision for the future of our republic on the world stage.


Mr Trump already has men and women around him suited for posts in National Security, Criminal Justice, Economics, International Diplomacy, etc.  The vital VP-post that must be filled with a candidate perfectly prepped and ready for what the historic-urgent moment demands calls for only one man, the people's Ben Carson.

For your consideration.


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