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They Have Gone Too Far...

Bingino had a lot to say...

(Rated-R, dont watch with the kiddos...)

Hopefully it's not Political Theater!? This could very well be McCarthy's Moment into Desting!

Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history...

Rep. Jim Jordan might really come thru for the country!?

NOTHING on DeSantis' Twitter accounts about the most public and obvious Election Rigging ever in the history of the country... But Vivek Ramaswamy the political outsider had a lot of great truth to share publicly!!

Not too surprising VP Mike Pence had NOTHING to say. This is not your moment to "get even" Mr Vice President. This is your moment to rise above - show the nation you care more about us than you do dislike President Trump. I pray you reconsider your position here. The nation needs real leadership Sir. A little surprising a Christian like Senator Tim Scott is crickets on the subject, just left his Twitter account and YouTube. Nothing about the biggest political hit job maybe in the history of the nation! But he wasn't as bad as Gov. Asa Hutchinson!!? Unbelievable Sir. There is literally years of precedent that works only AGAINST this ridiculous newest witch hunt. And the facts ARE WEAK! ALL THE LEGAL PRECEDENT WORKS AGAINST BIDEN, DOJ, FBI, etc. You are on the wrong side of history Sir. The only accurate thing you said in your interview was that "This is an Unprecedented time..." You are right Sir. Unprecedented that all the GOP turns into sharks the moment they smell blood in the water!! You lost ALL OUR VOTES. Congratulations. I hope they just filled up your coffers, I hope it was worth it, you are done in politics. Would have been much better for you to have stayed quiet.

Another very odd thing is that the GOP, Ronna McDaniels and her buddies launched, Bank Your Vote, some election integrity initiative... this initiative was launched oddly enough in unison with the Trump indictment!? The biggest election rigging scheme ever perpetuated on the American people has just unfolded publicly and where is our national GOP!? And our Chairwoman!!?? Someone with more position than me had better deal with this. President Trump raised more money for them than any sitting US President in history!? And they can't come to his aide during this criminal election fraud!? #NeverGiveADimetoGOPAgain She just betrayed our President again. Someone had better recall her.

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