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MI Congressional Candidate: ‘Participate’ in Gov’t to Save the Country

By Catherine Salgado

Sept 29th 2023

Corrupt individuals “do dirty deeds all day,” and they will continue to “corrupt the system until the good say no.” That’s what former Green Beret and current Michigan congressional candidate Jason Ickes told me in exclusive comments as we discussed his political campaign, the biggest issues facing America, and why every patriotic citizen needs to be involved with politics going into the 2024 election.

Mr. Ickes explained how he became involved with The America Project (TAP), founded by Dr. Patrick Byrne along with Gen. Michael Flynn, and TAP’s Operation Eagles Wings to train election volunteers and get out the vote. Obviously, with so many discrepancies, issues, and outright fraud in 2020, voter confidence is down.  There’s a lot of election integrity work to do, and it’s not a popular job.  Ickes pointed out how Texas AG Ken Paxton just had to stand for an impeachment trial after he aimed, in part, to fight election fraud and secure our elections. Most officials aren’t making any efforts, however, or they are actively covering up systemic issues. “I don’t know know how anyone in their right mind thinks there’s no way to ensure people aren’t voting in multiple districts multiple times,” Ickes stated.

There should be no same-day registration, Ickes insisted.  Laws exist for a reason—after all, if you have arrived so recently in a district you didn’t have time to register to vote, should you even be voting for representatives and policies there at all?  Such efforts as same-day registration, which occurred in 2018, open “elections to chicanery and troublemakers—people should be enforcing minimum 30 days, no additions or subtractions.  A voter that gets challenged should get 30 days to respond to whatever the challenge may have been,” Ickes explained. He emphasized again, “Election integrity is paramount.  Our government requires election integrity to maintain confidence in our elected officials.”

Ickes returned to The America Project’s election integrity efforts, highlighting “Vote Your Vision” and the effort to have “people opening up and discussing what their vision for America is, not through hatred and vitriol but discussion and debate.”  The 2020 BLM and Antifa riots divided the country, and the left’s insane reaction to Trump and such misreported events as Jan. 6, 2021, exacerbated that divide. “We have a right to redress our government, and that is guaranteed, and it is by all means right to have that ability,” Ickes added, explaining that he was not attacking legal protests, but hate-fueled division.  “We founded this nation because we didn’t have a voice when we were attacked.”

The border crisis, which is reaching staggering proportions with up to 11,000 migrants encountered every day, is another severe issue, Ickes said. “Absolutely, you don’t have a nation if you don’t have borders,” he explained. “The open borders [crisis] is this globalist agenda to destroy all nations and create one world government.” Open borders and government censorship present serious problems for Americans, Ickes agreed.

As I previously reported on PJ Media, Ickes further stated that the “number one issue facing Americans is inflation.” He explained that we are controlled “by kleptocrats who ensure that a never-ending stream of money is flowing to the top.” While endless money-printing hurts ordinary American citizens it is not equally harmful to elites. “Our agencies that regulate and control commerce have serious issues and discrepancies, and they have done nothing but enable tri-opolies, duopolies, and monopolies to control energy, data, and oil,” Ickes said.

Ickes called out actions such as naked shorting or naked short selling, “the illegal practice of short-selling shares that have not been affirmatively determined to exist,” and how such scams create or exacerbate situations like the 2021 GameStop debacle. In GameStop and other cases, Ickes said, “no one came to save retail investors—they protected hedge funds who were naked shorting the market.”  

Americans from “across the spectrum” invest in Wall Street, and are hurt by ruthless practices.  In fact, cleaning up Wall Street can be a unifying issue, Ickes said. “We walk into the issue of Wall Street being rigged,” and we should “come together and see we’re being driven to attack each other. There are bigger powers at play and they are turning us against one another,” when we should be banding together, Ickes concluded.

Mr. Ickes also called out the excessive power of government unions. They “get two voices,” he said, “running the government and voting. There’s union elections and regular elections—how is that equal protection, how is that fair, how is that ‘democracy?’ It’s immensely, grotesquely manipulated and clearly contrived.” He went on, “Government powers our economy and Wall Street is clearly rigged. That’s where your 401K and retirement are and they can funnel money out and the moment they get caught, Congress covers for them.” Why? Because “Congress makes money on the same trades,” Ickes said. “So if you don’t clean up Wall Street rigging, Main Street will never win.”

And how do we fix all these serious problems?  Good people need to run for office, instead of just the greedy and power-hungry. Ickes quoted Plato, who said, “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” As Ickes said, he would love just to “live off the grid and raise my family” and not worry about politics, but we no longer have a choice about participating in the public square if we want a future for our country and children.

Republicans must certainly participate in this election, as poll workers and observers, Ickes urged, quoting Stalin, “‘I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.’” Democrats try to “buy” votes by promising student loan payoffs and welfare, and then they commit election fraud too. We the people must work to keep our elections honest. As Ickes put it, “We require people with intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, ‘I’m not going to take it.’”

In conclusion, Ickes warned about various globalist plans to steal our freedoms. There’s the “15-minute cities” and “smart cities” already being planned in states like Arizona and Hawaii, and there’s the C40 Cities coalition, which includes more than a dozen American cities, planning to give citizens no private transport, only three clothing articles a year, and greatly restricted travel abilities. Indeed, we’ve seen the weaponization of federal government against Donald Trump and his allies, the Jan. 6 political prisonerspro-lifersconcerned parents, traditional CatholicsChristian schoolsand those who try to uncover election fraud. You could be next.

Ickes drew a parallel from history. “If you think about it in terms of what they did to Indians, forcing them onto reservations, it’s the same with COVID policies and 15-minute cities,” he said. “There’s nothing new under the sun,” as the Bible says (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and Americans need to wake up before Democrats initiate their “Trail of Tears 2.0.”

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