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The Dam, Russians

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

By Guest Contributor, Tony Nastas

May 8th 2023

The whole Ukraine is in shock after the consequences of the flood that was the result of the undermining of Nova Kakhovka dam.

We, as a church, have many church contacts in that area. Plus, we started helping several villages in Kherson area two months ago. Our pastor Alexander and a small team visit them weekly with humanitarian aid the Word of God.

So, we are getting very disturbing testimonies not from the news but directly from the people that live there, our brothers and sisters…

Kherson oblast (region) is divided by Dnipro river into two halves - North and South. North was liberated by the Ukrainian army in November 2022. But the southern part is still under occupation. The northern or the right bank of the river is much higher than the left one. So, logically the southern part was flooded more.

The problem is there is no way of getting there. But the Russian officials claim that there is nothing serious, people keep living as they lived before. Here is a screenshot from the video of the Russian appointed head of Kherson region Vladimir Saldo. In that video he is saying that the life of the local people hasn’t changed and they can walk on the streets of Nova Kakhovka freely. But in the background you can see the main square of the town and the community hall is half sunk in the water!

There are videos and pictures with the swans from the local zoo swimming in front of that building. About 300 animals from that zoo were drowned. Only swans and ducks survived, and also a local lady saved a few cages of small parrots which she was able to take home before the flood covered the zoo.

But the most cynical behavior is shown to the local people. The same leader said that there is no panic and people are not even asking for evacuation!

But the real truth is horrible. We get phone calls from the town of Oleshky which is right on the other side from Kherson city and Gola Prystan. Our brother and sisters are asking to pray because that is the ONLY help they can get right now. The Russians just do not evacuate them! More than that - they are shooting at people who are trying to get to higher places to save their lives! Russian soldiers took new heights as they abandoned their first defense lines that were flooded.

Local people told us that there are many corpses of old people that were not able to get out and drowned. Russians do not pick them up into their boats but they just slow down, turn their boat engines off in order not to entangle their propellers with human bodies and keep going.

People climb on tops of the roofs, begging for help, until covered with water…

I am asking myself, what kind of people are capable of doing that?

Only people that don’t care about other people’s lives at all. You, my dear American brothers and sisters, need to understand that human life is not the greatest value for Russians, as we got used to in our democratic societies. Life is the cheapest thing you can get and use for your own goals and benefits. As a very popular Russian leader Stalin used to say, “Death of one person is a tragedy but death in big numbers is statistics.” Putin is following this dogma as well as his soldiers…Of course, Russians love their homies, but they hate other people. I am not saying that about the Russian Christians. But they are silent now…

I know there are many discussions among you who did this. There are many versions. Ukrainians have just one. But Russians made up several and they broadcast them to the whole world. That’s the way they always try to disorient the western world. Just a few well know facts:

  1. In 2014 when they first invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea and Donbass, they said - it wasn’t us! Those green soldiers are not ours! A year later Putin admitted it was his successful military operation by deceiving the world and getting what he wanted.

  2. Shooting down the MH77 Malaysian plane, again it wasn’t them! And they still claim that today though the international court in the Netherlands proved that Putin was behind all of that. He approved the supply of heavy anti-aircraft weapons to Ukrainian separatists who shot down flight MH17 in 2014 with a Russian missile .

  3. It wasn’t them who murdered hundreds of civilians in Bucha.

  4. It wasn’t them who destroyed the cities of Mariupol, Bakhmut, Lyman, Izyum, etc.

  5. And if something else happens as the result of this cruel war they started - it won’t be them!

Keep that in mind!

- Tony

(Editors Note: Tucker Carlson just relaunched his show, on Twitter. In his first episode he quite convincingly blames the Ukrainians for blowing up their own dam. Here is an article totally debunking everything Tucker says throughout his propaganda ridden "news cast". I was some what a fan but his reporting over Ukraine and his out-in-out lies have totally ruined his credibility with me. Here is that article:

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