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And Suddenly We Are Winning!?

By Robert Anthony

May 19th 2023 It seems everywhere we are suddenly advancing! Praise God! Prayers are working! All these efforts weren't futile! And this is still the beginning of us taking the nation away from the Globalists.... The State of Texas has finally sent troops to their border! And Gov. DeSantis supported him by sending in hundreds of state troopers, police and Florida Guardsmen! Some are saying "It's a little late..." but honestly we should just be happy these guys are doing something!

Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh it seems are on their way to be restored to their rightfully won offices! Dinesh D'Souza does a great job giving an update on what is going on with her. Even with judges and all kinds of government against Kari and Abe, they are still advancing, against all odds! Tell me that prayer isn't working!? (1)(2) But we can't stop the prayer just yet! The judges are certainly under immense pressure with such a historic ruling! These rulings will be precedent setting and they are extremely aware of this. Remember, many in law-enforcement and throughout the judiciary are well-aware of elections (Plural) being stolen since 2020 (even before). And no one is certain what will become of us if this is all exposed.

I had a very revealing two-hour conversation with an active duty, full-bird Colonel friend of mine who explained that many seated in high places throughout our government are rather aware of the brokenness of our elections/democracy and what they are afraid of is, "if it's revealed how broken our democracy is, will we be able to put it back together?" Clearly many within our movement would argue saying, "but we will lose the nation if we dont restore our elections!" But think thru it, it's a difficult puzzle to solve actually. We don't want this devolving into civil war or something worse than it already it. Caution actually makes sense all these things considered - perhaps the "long-game" is just what the doctor ordered, for the healing of our nation? And the election integrity wins will continue rolling in! How many counties are "hand-counting" their elections now!? Here is an article about yet another county deciding to hand count their elections and even if the state governments sue and try to stop them, they simply have no legal standing for such an action! The counties have this right to run their own elections!

In other news! Have you been following these Congressional hearings!? I just watched this video from Matt Gaetz - with his FBI whistleblowers! They haven't started making arrests yet - but you can see where all this is leading! There are not hundreds of thousands of true patriots involved in taking back our nation from these global interests, from WEF, from China, etc. People who have been serving America for decades and have just been quietly waiting, praying and hoping that God will save us! This movement, I would even add, God bringing President Trump to office was the Lord answering our prayers for about 2 decades! This is just the beginning of pushing back this evil! It's truly amazing to get to know these people on the front lines of the battle. I would guess it's 80-90% Christians! These people who have been faithfully serving God, and family, and country for not years but Decades and God has heard them, and us.

Here is another Patriot Warrior-Christian in Congress! MTG is not only introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, she is also drafting articles against: Mr Alejandro Mayorkas, head of DHS, Christopher Wray, head of FBI, Merritt Garland, the AG of the USA and many others. This woman absolutely cares about this country! What an amazing example to us all! If only every member of Congress put their heart and soul into taking back our nation they way she does!? (Below is a video of MTG on Bannon's War Room, talking about her "Impeachment Week" - so comforting to see our Representatives actually care about us and our nation! In this video she explains how our movement has inspired her to do this!) My Fellow Patriots, there is honestly suddenly so much good news its hard keeping up with it all. We have to keep praying! While we are on the advance we must pray that Congress and our state legislators don't stop with merely a few small wins. We must continue until the job is finished. So many of these committed treason! Others broke the law. If it remains the status quo that ones political prowess can keep them above the law? When will the war and destruction against our republic end!? We must encourage and ever provoke our leaders to continue until the job is done - root out the evil! It's part of the job you were elected to do.

Soon enough there will be a time to celebrate some of these wins. Here, in Michigan and throughout the midwest, we still need our counties and state legislators to double and triple down in the fight. We need more boldness, more sincerity of heart and a renewed sense of purpose. Even in these states that have lost so terribly like Michigan, the power of speaking the Truth our loud still has effect. What if a large part of the job isn't merely passing laws but also speaking the truth! I have said this often throughout my writings, "What is no one is willing to speak the truth!?" Perhaps it isn't ever going to be politically advantageous to tell the truth - but those truth-tellers, those men/women of impeccable character are the ones who will win us the greatest, longest lasting victories! As this 2024 season approaches, I implore all of you reading this: back the truth-tellers, back the one's whose Godly character is on display. Zeal by itself is not enough to win the nation. Zeal without good character will still burn the house down! All that passion and at times anger, provokes not always the best in us but rather a misguided zeal and a sort of strange-fire, that could accidentally burn even the good things left to the ground. We need them both, the zeal together with the truth that in time creates the Godly character which exalts the leadership we urgently need in this hour. Continue steadfastly in these prayers for the nation, those who are leading us, both our friends and our enemies - for in so doing we please God and win many to righteousness. The Best is still yet to come... We can see it unfolding Perhaps a little slower than we would like... But it is unfolding! God Bless Robert

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